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Adam Retherford



To secure a position in the criminal justice field where by hard work, dedication and the ability to acquire new skills will advantage any company I work for.

Work Experience

Wireless Consultant (02/01/2010 – Present)

Working in sales at Mid-America Wireless.Also serving the general public and handling privileged information.

Last Employer: Mid-America Wireless Hannibal, Missouri

Contact Person: (573)231-7007 Mary Mitchell

Responsibilities: Working with the public making sales of cell phone, Dish Network, and DirecTV. Also, following guidlines, as they pertain to information security and taking general care of the store.

Accomplishments: Having the lead sales at the store since the start of employment and winning many sales competitions.Also being continuosly trained in all areas possible for this carreer.

Wireless Consultant (09/23/2009 – 01/31/2010)

Taking care of problems and giving effective resolutions. Also controlling inventory.

Last Employer: Walmart

Contact Person: (573)221-5610 Human Resources

Responsibilities: Serving the public and taking care of any issues that may arise. Also, taking care of contracts and encouraging the best phones.

Accomplishments: Leading in total sales every month .

Campus Security Gaurd (01/01/2008 – 05/06/2009)

Being in charge of the safety, care and control of the campus after closing hours.

Last Employer: Hannibal LaGrange College

Contact Person: (573)221-3675 Security Director

Responsibilities: Wroking weekends overnight and being in charge of keeping campus safe by checking locked doors and investigating anyone coming on campus. Also, writing parking tickets during the day.


Establishment: Hannibal LaGrange University

Degree: Bachelors in Science

Education Period: 08/22/2005 - 05/06/2010

Speciality: Criminal Justice

Average Grade: 2.53

Details: Major in Administartion of Justice and Minor in Sociology

Establishment: Missouri Sheriff's Academy

Degree: Post Certification

Education Period: 01/28/2010 - 12/15/2010

Speciality: Peace Officer Training

Average Grade: 3.0


Certification in Taser, OC, PPCT, Gage, SFST, and First Responder.Also, training in EVOC driving and qualification with a .40 caliber pistol, shotgun, and AR 15.

Computer Skills: Completed a class on computer repair and use a computer at work daily. Experienced with Microsoft Word, Power Point, Outlook and Excel programs. Also, experienced in creating a code for websites and repairing many computers.

Foreign Language Skills: Small amount of experience with Spanish after attending a mission trip to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

Additional Information

Certified as a licensed minister with the Baptist Church.

Research Projects: Completing an independent study on Criminal Profiling.

Certifications or Licensures: Certified with OC, Taser, PPCT, Gage, SFST, and First Responder.Will complete post certification on December 15th.


I am a worship and youth leader with Hannibal Free Will Baptist Church. I enjoy playing guitar and singing. I also am a firearm enthusiast. I enjoy going to the range. I also enjoy building and repairing firearms.