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Aidan Marchildon

23 Serena Lane, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

(H) (705) 726-8045, (C) (705) 896-2453,


Looking to seek employment at a fast food chain. Hardworking, always seeking to get the job done to the best of my ability. Respective, treats everyone with respect and dedication to ensure good sevice. Mature about situations, always looking to get the job done with hard work and good preformance.

Work Experience

General Sales/Physical Labour (04/15/2008 – 11/21/2010)

Participated in sales during special events, and on occasion, completed odd jobs (Such as cleaning and physical labour).

Last Employer: Doc Malone's

Contact Person: Sarah Lynn Maloney

Responsibilities: Was responsible for sales durin events (Such as the yearly Santa Clause parade). Did physical labour, such a transporting goods. Also, cleaned the building every weekend in preparation for a days service.


Establishment: St. Peter's Secondary School

Degree: Grade 9 Curriculum

Education Period: 09/08/2009 - 02/02/2011

Average Grade: 70-85%

Details: Completed the Canadian Grade 9 Curriculum.


Is aware of the functions of a kitchen and how to act in one. Knows how to operate some kitchen appliances. Very good in monetary situations.

Computer Skills: Knows how to work a computer very well. Can preform minimal self repair if a problem occurs.


Active person, likes to socialize with others, hardworking, dedicated, likes to play sports, electronics, enjoys music and musical instruments, likes literature, cooking, and likes to participate in activities.