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Alisha Lange

6480 Troy- Sidney Rd., Piqua, OH, 45356, United States

(C) 937-570-3560,


To secure challenging employment that will compliment my experience in Science and Technology.

Work Experience

Nursery Coordinator (05/04/2008 – Present)

Child Care Director at a local Church managing and developing the program and related activities.

Last Employer: First United Church of Christ

Contact Person: Phyllis Dawkins

Responsibilities: Nursery coordinator/ Child Care Director. Keep a clean and safe learning environment for nursery aged children. Provide any care needed, help secure anything the families may need to keep a positive living environment at home, be up-to-date on current childcare laws and regulations, educate, as well as open and close the nursery facility.

Accomplishments: I actively participate in the Back-pack program and havehelped secure new members and their families to this church from the time i started in 2008 until now.

Graphic Designer (10/06/2003 – Present)

For the past 7 years I have been doing freelance graphic design work as well as photography assignments for two companies as well as independently on the side from my home. at NBS I also preformed office manager

Last Employer: NBS

Contact Person: Kim 937-418-9004

Responsibilities: Graphic design, web site building, customer orders and telephone sales. Billing and coding, invoicing, inventory control, etc. All duties of office manager and graphic designer.

Nurse Aide (11/19/2007 – 04/30/2008)

As a nurses aide I have been in many different situations. I have done home and private duty health care as well as worked in a hospital. Angel Care was an amazing company who allowed me to grow as an employee and as a person.

Last Employer: Angel Care Inc.

Contact Person: Aimee Scott (616) 245-8899

Responsibilities: Nurses Aide: Home health nurses aides typically work independently with little direct supervision. •Taking vital signs •Help with some medical procedures •Assist patients entering or leaving their beds •Assist patients walking •Tidy patient's rooms •Answer call lights •Make beds •Deliver messages •Monitoring patients and reporting changes •Collecting samples for testing •Provide patient hygiene •Feeding patients •Monitoring food and liquid input/output

Accomplishments: Was able to help a client remember what day it is by setting up a calendar and routine he could follow with ease. Made his life much easier and I was even asked to show my idea to my boss who was going to continue the system when I moved to Ohio.


Establishment: Edison Community College

Degree: Post-secondary opp

Education Period: 08/05/2002 - 05/16/2003

Speciality: Geology/Sciences

Average Grade: A

Details: Geology, physical education, literature, and music appreciation

Establishment: Grand Rapids Community College

Degree: Photography and Design

Education Period: 04/04/2005 - 05/02/2008

Speciality: Photoshop/ Fashion Merchandising

Average Grade: B+

Details: Computer sciences that included design training in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as well as Lucis Art work to be preformed on Mac or PC. Fully understands the entire Microsoft office suite. Communication and merchandising also part of the design program.


Proven ability to create and deliver solutions that meet coporate objectives tied to business and technology performance. Comfortable in a wide rane of platforms and environments. Effective communicator; able to explain in easy-to0understand terms for end users. Proactive in identification and resolutions of issues.

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office 97/2000/ XP Pro, Windows 3x/9x/2000/ NT/ 7, Adobe Photoshop CS2/ CS3/ CS4, Adobe Illistrator, web design, etc.

Foreign Language Skills: Studied abroad since age of 11.

Additional Information

Science is my strongest field. I have been recognized internationally for my expertise and ability to research and follow through with the scientific method.

Honors: Received Air Force and Military Scholarships for my Science Fair projects. Won them each year. College scholarships, savings bonds, etc.

Research Projects: I have participated in Science and Engineering Fairs since the age of 14. I have taken each of my projects to the State Science Fair and competed. I have gone to the INTEL ISEF twice and placed in the top 50 out of 2,000 students world-wide a the age of 17.

Publications: Published 'Scientist' in "Scientific American Magazine" at age of 16 for work done with water quality. Re-published in 2002 for my study with Vitamin and Mineral Breakdown.

Conferences or Courses: INTEL ISEF 2001, INTEL ISEF 2002

Professional Membership: American Geological Association, Scientific American life-time member

Certifications or Licensures: Licensed Nurse Aide in OHIO and MICHIGAN

Study Abroad: Lucknow, India Arhus, Danmark Medjorge, Croatia Florance, Italy


I am in excellent health. In my leisure time I enjoy being on the water! I enjoy boating, fishing, and swimming. I am an active YMCA member. I enjoy the Opera and all of the Arts. My favorite personal hobby is photography and graphic gesign. I am also actively involved in the community. I am a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Piqua, Ohio.  I am also a civic volunteer. I am a hostess for the annual Miami River 'Clean Sweep' each year for the Miami county/ Shelby county areas. Painting and pottery making are my new current challenges.