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Amanda Kat


Address: 86 Robinson Road

City: Wentworth

State: Quebec

Country: Canada

Phone: 450-533-5999
Cell: 450-612-3832


My career objective is to use the leadership and organizational skills I have developed from past employment to become an integral and motivational part of a structured team.  


Work Experience

Manager (06/24/2002 – Present)

Management of an outfitting company which offers all-inclusive vacation packages to hunters and fishermen in the sub-arctic of Quebec.

Last Employer: Jack Hume Adventures Inc.

Contact Person: Richard Hume / 450-533-5999

Responsibilities: -Promotion and advertising: including attending expositions in the USA, website and brochure improvements, working with media groups for promotion on television and in magazines, and general interaction with potential clients i.e telephone and email inquiries. -Employee management: including aiding in selecting employees, instilling the goal of the company and setting out employee guidelines and expectations to meet that goal, ensuring the general happiness of each employee in their role. -Customer care: including responding to everyday questions from clients, meeting clients before departure and tending to their personal needs, traveling with clients to ensure that every aspect of the vacation is organized, following-up with clients after the vacation to discuss and mend any dissatisfaction. -logistical organization: including informing clients of check-in times, reserving and chartering aircrafts from Montreal as well as float planes from base camp, selecting destination camps for each group based on the clients' personal information, ordering and arranging for all supplies and food to be delivered to each camp. -General office work: including basic accounting i.e. paying bills, employee pay checks, processing payments, issuing receipts, completing government forms.


Establishment: John Abbott College

Degree: DEC

Education Period: 08/25/1997 - 06/25/1999

Speciality: Commerce


Foreign Language Skills: English and French (written and spoken)