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Andrew Greatbatch

133 Belle Vue Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, United Kingdom

(H) +44 1743 341177, (C) +44 7879258683,


Experienced Customer Services management professional with over 14 years experience in the Utilities industry.  I am seeking a new challenge to compliment both my professional and personal aspirations.

Work Experience

Customer Services Manager (04/14/2008 – Present)

Operationally manage 100 Customer Services staff, encompassing front office (call centre) and back office (customer correspondence via email, letter etc) activities. Deputise for Senior Manager when on annual leave.

Last Employer: Severn Trent Water, Shelton, Shrewsbury, SY3 8BJ

Contact Person: Allan Warren (Senior Manager) 44 7825009349

Responsibilities: Responsible for delivery of company Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in relation to telephony performance, complaint resolution and other aspects of Customer Service. Currently involved in managing an $8 million rebuild of our offices in my capacity as the Key Business Representative. Budget Holder, responsible for $1 million plus manpower budget. Currently developing a "Customer First" programme, the principles of which are to be adopted by a number of Directorates within Severn Trent.

Accomplishments: Managed the successful transfer of back office business processes from our offices in Birmingham to Shrewsbury demonstrating improved performance with efficiency savings of 4 FTE, equating to approximately $100,000 in monetary terms. Achieved the highest employee engagement/satisfaction score for the whole of the Customer Relations Directorate (82%) for 2009/10 (100 FTE) Recognised by Senior Management as responsible for managing the highest performing Customer Services teams for the last 2 years, in terms of quality, attendance, telephony performance and employee satisfaction. Identified by the company executive team as being "promotable now" for Senior Management.

Customer Services Manager (04/09/2007 – 04/11/2008)

Responsible for operationally managing 140 Customer Services billing staff, in a Call Centre environment.

Last Employer: Severn Trent Water, Derby UK

Contact Person: Andrew Gardner (Senior Manager) 44 7810500696

Responsibilities: Responsible for delivery of company Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in relation to telephony performance, complaint resolution and other aspects of Customer Service. Budget Holder responsible for $2 million manpower budget. Deputised for Senior Manager as part of career development

Accomplishments: Recognized as having the highest performing customer services teams at Derby as bench marked against key performance targets. Part of a management team that delivered a number of strategic and customer service improvements, including reducing customer waiting times from approximately 40 minutes to less than 2 minutes, improved quality performance from 73% to 95%, reduced complaints volumes by 50%, implementation of a staff attainment and bonus scheme and the implementation of a new telephony tool (Totalview)

Project Manager (08/14/2006 – 04/06/2007)

I was part of the management team responsible for repairing our relationship with our industry Regulator (OFWAT) following the mis-reporting of data from the previous Senior Managment team within Customer Relations. This role involved implementing reliable, accurate and complete reporting of our Guaranteed Standards data, which is a legislative requirement. I wrote the company policy for this area, which was endorsed and implemented company wide by the Company executive team (STEC - Severn Trent Executive Committee)

Last Employer: Severn Trent Water Ltd

Contact Person: Andrew Gardner (Senior Manager) 44 7810500696

Responsibilities: Responsible for identifying all business areas that had a legislative requirement to report and record all customer appointments and ensuring that robust and auditable processes were implemented to ensure accurate reporting. I was also responsible for writing company policy and liasing with a number of Company Directors and Senior Managers to achieve this as well as ensuring endorsement from the industry regulator.

Accomplishments: Successfully identified all business areas who made customer appointments and ensured that robust processes were put in place to record these, which was confirmed via an external audit. Wrote a company policy which was accepted and implemented company wide. Successfully managed and improved the relationship with the industry regulator and Consumer Council for Water

Revenue Assurance Manager (11/25/2005 – 08/11/2006)

Operational Management of an outsourced Income Contract with Scottish Water, based in Edinburgh.

Last Employer: Complete Credit Management (part of the Severn Tren Group at the time), Birmingham UK

Contact Person: Martin Kane - Customer Relations Director 44 7768711938

Responsibilities: Responsible for managing an Income Validation Contract with a value of approximately $4 million.

Accomplishments: Successful completion of contract, which identified and billed over $4 million in additional income for Scottish Water (year on year) via properties which they were not billing and we subsequently found as part of our investigations.

Project Manager/Customer Relations Manager (10/02/2000 – 11/24/2005)

Change Programme Management Part of the management team responsible for restructuring the Customer Relations Directorate Operational Customer Relations Team Management

Last Employer: Severn Trent Water, Coventry UK

Contact Person: Simon Mullan (General Manager Credit Management) +44 7733002679

Responsibilities: Project Management - Responsible for leading a team to map the Customer Relations processes, identify efficiency savings and process improvements. Customer Relations Management - Responsible for leading a team of 60 Customer Relations billing staff.

Accomplishments: Project Management - Restructured the Credit Mangement division, identifying a number of manpower efficiency savings and process improvements which were accepted and implemented. Customer Relations Management - Reduced debt associated with accounts in my area by 50% within 6 months, improving our relationship with other department and having a positive effect on company "debtor day" performance. Reduce billing validation failures from 50,000 to 2,000 within 12 months.


Establishment: University Of Wolverhampton, Wolverhampton, UK

Degree: BA (Hons) Business Administration

Education Period: 10/17/1994 - 06/16/1997

Speciality: 2:2

Average Grade: 2:2

Details: Second Class Honours Degree attained in Business Administration, encompassing a number of disciplines


Project Management, Performance Management, Disciplinary Management, Absence Management, Change Management.

Computer Skills: Proficient in Word, Excel, Lotus Notes, Powerpoint.


I am very active and enjoy a number of sports, including soccer, tennis and squash. In addition I run daily and have completed a number of marathons.

Travelling is a huge passion of mine and I have visited a number of countries including, China, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, Fiji and Singapore as well as most of Europe. I regularly travel to the USA (6-7 times a year) to see extended family and friends.

I regularly carry out volunteer work for a number of charities including the British Heart Foundation and Children's Society and encourage volunteer days with my staff, working in the local community. This year alone we have carried out 4 volunteer projects working with local youth groups, hospices and retirement homes.