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Arthur Cull



To create and hold a strong position for myself in the workplace. Become a respected employee and work my way to success.

Gain experience with another employer. Take and hold more responsibilities and continue to impress my peers with my quick learning.


Work Experience

Rental Technician / Back-up Supervisor (03/01/2009 – Present)

Learned to deal with various sorts of employees, and customers. Served well over a thousand of customers with skis/snowboards/boots with friendly service.

Last Employer: Ski Martock

Contact Person: 902.798.9501 (Ext. 3)

Responsibilities: - Setting up skis for children and adults in a safe manner. - As a back-up supervisor, I was responsible for locking the doors at night, handling all the paperwork for the day, shutting off lights, and telling employees when to go on their breaks/to go home. - Provide great customer service

Accomplishments: - After one year of working at Martock I've become a highly respected employee and become known to most of the inside staff at Martock. Went from regular technician to supervisor very quickly (within a year.)


- Great customer service - Quick learning - Friendly - Fluent in English and good with French - Very responsible

Computer Skills: - Understand HTML - Understand maintenance of computers.

Additional Information

Having me as a part of your team can be beneficial to the business as well as myself. I'm a hard worker and won't let you down. I'm easy to work alongside of and always open to trying new things.

Conferences or Courses: Completed: - Advanced English 11 - Advanced Math 11 - Advanced Music 11 - Business Management - Economics 11