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Athena DeLuca


Address: 102 thorncliff place

City: Edmonton

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Cell: 587-784-2327


To gain a full time position, with your company. i would like to build on the skills i have, as well as learn new and exciting skills.


Work Experience

D.V.T (distrect visual trainer). (10/14/2008 – Present)

Last Employer: Urban Planet

Contact Person: Jason Wiersma

Responsibilities: - To Train new visual merchandisers for the company in my district. - To find new ways to attract customers to the store and help boost the D.P.T. - participate in brand new store openings. - Recruit and hire new staff. - i go in to stores that are seen as a "crisis store" and fix them to my abilities. - Help train all staff in the stores including management the basics of visual, such as folding techniques, how to hang, placement, wall

Accomplishments: I started as a cashier when i first stared with the company. after 1 month i was promoted to I.S.M (in store merchandiser) were i learned all the skills i now possess. in June of 2009 i was chosen to help with the opening of a new store in which i was transferred and took charge of visual. not long after i was at the new location i was asked to foresee visual and train a new i.s.m for a second store. As of February 2010 i was promoted to District visual trainer.

Sales Assoitate (03/14/2006 – 10/10/2008)

Last Employer: PJ'S PETS

Contact Person: N/A

Responsibilities: - To sell mershandise that was in the store. - to take maintain the habitats of the animals in the store as well as find them new homes.


Establishment: Fresh Start North.

Degree: High school diploma


I am a positive team player, but can also work well on my own. i am good at taking on challenges and completing them in a well timed manner. I am enthusiastic and enjoy learning new things.


The main intrests i have is learning new things, reading, working out and spening time with family / dog.