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Benjamin Ward



My Intent to go into the an internship for becoming a Veternarian so that Veternarian School is applicable in the future.

Work Experience

Teacher's Assisstant (01/10/2011 – Present)

Help in the Biology Department with Laboratories, grading papers and help feed the animals inside the Lab room.

Last Employer: Alma College

Contact Person: 989-463-7111

Responsibilities: Grade papers, help students in the lab with there assignments, and to feed the animals inside of the lab.

Accomplishments: Learning to Log in hours of how much I have worked, and time management.

Courtesy Clerk (05/24/2009 – 08/14/2009)

No related work experience to career wanted.

Last Employer: Kroger

Contact Person: 989-652-2621

Responsibilities: Clean the bathroom, change bottle bins, bag groceries, gather shopping carts.

Accomplishments: How to properly clean bathroom and furniture.


Establishment: Alma College

Degree: Major/Minor

Education Period: 09/08/2008 - 04/14/2011

Average Grade: C

Details: Biology Major and Exercise and Health Science Minor. Biology Major for going into Veterinarian School.


Able to use hands really well.

Computer Skills: Know how to work Microsoft Excel, Power point, and Word really well. Also know how to use the basic functions of a computer.

Foreign Language Skills: Able to speak French but not completely fluently.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: First Aid Certification CPR Certification

Study Abroad: Studying At Ecuador, this spring studying Biology. Bird Patterns and different types of birds. During the year 2011.


I consider myself a team player. I have been on a football team since 7th grade and still am on a team at Alma College. I am also on the track team and have been since the 8th grade. I am very interested in animals and care for them as well.