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Brianna Payne


Address: 1078 Wigle

City: Windsor

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: (519)-254-6169
Cell: (519)-991-5596


My name is Brianna Payne, I would like to sart a career as a lawyer. I specilize in criminal's  laws and rights. I have lots of experience with Criminal Justice. I can work at any time needed. I will always be prepared for trials and pretrials.


Work Experience

CRiminal Justice Lawyer (01/01/2006 – 12/03/2008)

I graduated from Harvard in 2005, I was the top student in all of my classes. I was a Family Lawyer for a short time and know how cases work.

Last Employer: Erica Kuang

Contact Person: (519)-254-6169

Responsibilities: I had to get information about my cases for the court. I also do a back ground check on the person who is gettin charged. I interveiw so witnesses and look at everything all together to see what kind of cases I have.

Accomplishments: I won a award for being the best Family Lawyer in Canada.


Establishment: Harvard

Degree: I have a major and a minor for Criminal Justice

Average Grade: 98% out of 100%

Details: Both of my degrees are for this position


I have good arguing skills, I can tell if someone is lying by the way they talk, I can figure out a case because I look at the little details that lead to the big details and I am very smart.

Computer Skills: I can find everything about anything on a computer and I always have the latest software.

Foreign Language Skills: I speak Spanish, English, French and Hungarian. I am fluent in all these languages.

Additional Information

Honors: I recieved an a award for being the top student in my classes


I have a few hobbbies and activities i enjoy doing, Swimming is one of my favorite sports. I am training as a competitive swimmer. I love art, I take art classes in my free time, water colour painting is my favourite type of art. I have a passion for music, i like most music.