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Brigitte Priddle


Address: 5553 County Road 27

City: Williamstown

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 613-931-1488


Seeking a position that will benefit from my legal administrative skills in Family Law.


Work Experience

Legal Assistant/Law Clerk (03/03/2003 – Present)

Divorcemate, PC Law, Dictation, filing, typing, Wordperfect, answering phone, communication with clients and Court personnel

Last Employer: Susan E. Hodgson

Contact Person: Susan E. Hodgson

Responsibilities: Dealing with client, posting to PC Law, preparing Court documents, dicatation, communicating with Court personnel and other counsel, filing, scheduling meetings, ordering supplies.

Accomplishments: Have gained a good workable knowledge of Collaborative Law.


Establishment: Ontario Business College

Degree: Law Clerk

Education Period: 09/01/1986 - 06/30/1987

Average Grade: Honours

Details: Was a fast track course in obtaining a Law Clerk degree for a period of one year. Dealt with all areas of law such as real estate, estates, business, corporate, patents, etc.


Able to draft Court documents, draft letters to other counsel and clients. Can work independently as well as with others. Efficient and dependable

Computer Skills: Dictation, Divorcemate, PC Law, Amicus, Wordperfect, Quattro Pro, Word, Internet

Foreign Language Skills: German - can speak and understand French - minimal but am in the process of upgrading my French English, speak, write and read

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Law Clerk Certificate