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Cardian Page

808 lewark, Coffeyville, kansas, 67337, United States

(H) 6202510128, (C) 6202528486,


I see myself as a top performing employee in a well established company, like this one. I plan on enhancing my skills and learning some new ones. I am moving towards getting my masters in industrial/organizational psychology, so that once I gain additional experience, I can move from recruiter to VP of human resources.

Work Experience

Photo Lab Technician (01/08/2010 – Present)

Last Employer: Wal-Mart

Contact Person: Ashley Ketchum/ 620-251-4153

Responsibilities: Responsible for maintaining the photo lab. Including maintenance on the machines, zoning, and keeping neat and orderly displays. Also responsible for developing pictures, and helping customers with the photo lab machines. Also have experience at the customer service desk, where we help customers with our many different money services and returning damaged and unused merchandise.

Accomplishments: Received an outstanding evaluation from my supervisor.

Server/ Customer Service Representative (05/06/2009 – 01/06/2010)

Last Employer: Pizza Hut

Contact Person: Don Edwards/ 620-251-4520

Responsibilities: Responsible for seating customers, takings orders, cleaning tables, and receiving orders over the phone.

Accomplishments: Received a good evaluation from a customer.

Helper (03/09/2009 – 05/03/2009)

Last Employer: Native American Education

Contact Person: Beth Murrell

Responsibilities: Responsible for making snacks, providing drinks, designing games, and playing with the kids in the native american program.

Accomplishments: Was told I was the best helper there.

Hot Prep (10/12/2007 – 08/11/2008)

Last Employer: Sirloin Stockade

Contact Person: Rick Shald

Responsibilities: Responsible for managing the kitchen. Making sure orders were made in a timely manner, preparing foods, and working with the bar runner, making sure the buffet bar stayed in good shape.

Accomplishments: Received Promotions every 2 months.


Establishment: Field Kindley High School

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 08/13/2006 - 05/20/2010

Average Grade: 3.5 GPA

Details: I was very active and held many leadership roles, VP of native american club, VP of Key Club, percussion section leader in band, and voted senior with the best smile.


I have excelent skills in customer Service. I also have leadership ability. I am a great listener and problem solver. I am a motivator and very persuasive. I have taken many marketing and business classes and able to work with anybody

Computer Skills: I am able to use all of the Microsoft office programs and have taken multiple computer classes

Foreign Language Skills: I am able to speak, write, and understand Spanish to a certain extent. Also currently enrolled in Spanish classes.

Additional Information

I am currently enrolled in a human resource management class at Coffeyville Community College.

Certifications or Licensures: Supervisor and Lead


I enjoy learning new skills and information. I also enjoy helping others learn new information. I pride myself on my community involvement and volunteer-ism and I look forward to my future to become a human resource manager. I am very interested in getting experience in the human resource field, without my degree so that when I do finish college I will already have knowledge and experience in the HRM field.