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Casey Whiteye-Ryan


Address: 46 Horton St.

City: St. Thomas

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: (519) 631-4503


To obtain a position as a server at a local restaurant to broaden my knowledge and experience of the restaurant business. 


Work Experience

Poultry Servicer (06/30/2009 – 08/01/2009)

- successful team work - poultry care and lifestyle - dependence on others

Last Employer: Chris Oliver (Corby's Poultry Services)

Contact Person: 519-284-0615

Responsibilities: - retrieved chickens from cages - held chickens for vaccinators - placed chickens back into cages

Accomplishments: - contributed to achieving wellness for the poultry - assisted the farmers with poultry services

Farm Labourer (06/29/2004 – 01/31/2008)

- learned to care for dogs of numerous breeds - learned the lifestyle of the dogs

Last Employer: Nicola Mizon (Tiny Tots Kennels)

Contact Person: Nicola Mizon (513)532-3742

Responsibilities: - cleaned the kennels - bathed the dogs - fed the dogs their proper meals

Accomplishments: - contributed to the health and wellness of the dogs - satisfied the employer's needs and wants

Child Supervisor  (06/29/2004 – 01/31/2008)

- numerous years of supervising children of all ages - able to contribute to children satisfaction

Last Employer: Multiple Parents

Responsibilities: - supervised children of all ages - created daytime meals - put children to bed at proper times - played with the children

Accomplishments: - achieved parents satisfaction - received positive feedback from many parents and children


Establishment: Arthur Voaden Secondary School

Average Grade: 80%

Details: Currently enrolled in the High Skills Major Program at Arthur Voaden. This program specializes in the hospitality aspect of the high school courses. Certified in: - Smart Serve - WHMIS - Safe Food Handlers - Service Excellence


- works well with others - hard worker - punctual - respectful - motivated - trustworthy

Computer Skills: - able to use word processors - ability to use spread sheets - can use internet well

Foreign Language Skills: - knowledgeable in some French

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Smart Serve, 2010 Service Excellence, 2010 WHMIS, 2010 Safe Food Handlers, 2010


- cooking and baking

- staying active 

- exercising

- playing sports

- volunteered at Christmas Care and Park N' Bowl