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Chase Cox


Address: tenth ave

City: Sudbury

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Phone: 705-692-4065
My status


My goal as kid was always to get into maufacturing, my dad always told me that i could own my own buisness and be succesful. So im here today to tell you i want to get into the right moves to be able to own and operate my own succesful buisness.


Work Experience

FE Clerk (05/05/2010 – 11/23/2010)

Pushed carts for customers, carried out grocery's for customers and did multiple other jobs around and in the store.

Last Employer: Dumas' YIG

Contact Person: 705-671-4721

Responsibilities: Maintnance of carts, retreving carts from parking lot of store, shoveling snow when needed for customers, salting the pathway when needed for customer, tending to customers when needed.

Accomplishments: My accomplishments are: 1. Discovered a work ethic. 2. Work experience. 3. Leadership skills. 4. Working well with others.


Friendly, Athletic, Loyal, Hardworking, Honest, Dedication.

Computer Skills: Basic Trouble Shooting.

Foreign Language Skills: Public school: JK- Grade 4-(French Immersion)