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Chris Kubin


Address: 311 Armstrong St.

City: Port McNicoll

State: ON

Country: Canada

Phone: 705-534-3474
Cell: 705-527-2190


I would like to secure a position as an ice road driver in your fleet. I have had my CDL for approx. 13 yrs., with 10yrs. actual driving experience, the last 4 of which were long haul. I'm used to long (12-16hr.+) days. I have demonstrated to past (and current) employers my ability to get the job done and therefore very quickly moved up the ranks to top driver status.


Work Experience

Various Positions (08/26/1991 – 01/14/2005)

Relevant 5yrs. Straight Truck 3yrs. Semi Other Stamping Dept. Office

Last Employer: Elcoma Metal Fab. Ltd.

Contact Person: Jim King 705-526-9363

Responsibilities: Driving-Once and sometimes twice a week delivering to warehouse in Canton, OH. Local pick-up and deliveries all over southern Ontario.

Accomplishments: Obtained CDL Started in the stamping dept. as set-up man/operator and worked my way up to production manager

Truck Driver (05/11/2006 – 04/23/2007)

Weekly Southern Ontario to Winnipeg rounders running tri-axle reefer

Last Employer: Whiteline Trucking

Contact Person: Pam Hall 705-389-3620

Responsibilities: Make timely pick-ups to fill trailer and deliver to Winnipeg (and sometimes to Regina and Saskatoon) and then pick-up truckload to return to Ontario. Spent as much as 10 weeks in the truck without a day off other than layovers.

Accomplishments: Learned to run hard on little sleep, road repair to keep the truck rolling, working in cold environments (western winters) and hauling heavy loads through northern Ontario.

Truck Driver (05/02/2007 – 08/08/2007)

Long Haul, mostly LTL all over North America

Last Employer: Len DuBois Trucking Inc.

Contact Person: Bob Kolbauer 204-783-2798 ext 309

Responsibilities: Pick up loaded trailers and make LTL deliveries all over Eastern US and Western Canada.

Accomplishments: Learned to find and get my truck into some very out of the way places, many of which were never intended to see a 53' rig, and hand unload custom built windows and sliding glass doors. Spent weeks at a time away from home.

Truck Driver (08/13/2007 – Present)

Long haul mostly full loads throughout the US

Last Employer: Moonstone Inc.

Contact Person: Rob Robitaille 705-549-6555

Responsibilities: Make timely deliveries and pick ups. Make sure loads are secure and safe. Keep the truck maintained and ready to roll.

Accomplishments: Most runs are very time sensitive. Have done a lot of western US (NE, WY, UT, etc.) winter driving requiring some very long days in very poor conditions.


Establishment: Banting Memorial High School

Degree: SSGD


Some Mountain Experience Minimal Flatbed Reefer Managerial-production scheduling, safety committee, maintanence, HR of a 72 person workforce

Computer Skills: Building and repairing computers Microsoft Word, Excel, Correl, etc.

Additional Information

Also have experience operating forklifts, backhoe, front-end loaders, dozer, etc.

Certifications or Licensures: AZ-M Hazardous Material Fast Card


Motorcycles, computer gaming, poker, hunting/fishing