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Chris Lowe

614 Romaniuk Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(H) 780-430-7701, (C) 780-886-3191,


To obtain a full time position with your company. I'm currently looking for an environment where I can be consistently challenged and learn new things, with a strong leadership background and lots of room to grow. My experience, has taught me to deal with stress well in the workplace, and I feel I can add to an already strong team of employees.

Work Experience

Cook (05/11/2005 – 12/07/2010)

Considered the best cook in the kitchen, on any given line. Learned every order we had, and how to make them. Usually forced to work the busiest station that most other's couldn't handle on their own. Prepped early morning, while setting up the line for opening.

Last Employer: Boston Pizza Edmonton

Contact Person: Guy Falconburg 780-481-3400

Responsibilities: Day shift duties would include, prepping food before open, stocking lines, heating up sauces/soup, getting the line ready for opening, as well as cooking for the remaining part of the day, filling in time with cleaning up my station/area as well as helping others.

Accomplishments: Highly regarded in the whole resturant by both servers and managers. Greatly looked up to by others. Was offered assistant kitchen manager job a few times but refused. Sometimes was in charge when the kitchen manager had to leave for a short time.

Cook (04/10/2002 – 02/10/2004)

Cooking on line Prepping some food Closing line

Last Employer: Boston Pizza Terwillegar

Contact Person: 780-431-8431

Responsibilities: Cooking every line Closing/cleaning up the kitchen

Accomplishments: learned great skills that helped me become a better cook down the road.


Establishment: Grant Macewan

Degree: General studies

Education Period: 09/06/2005 - 05/10/2007

Details: Attended General studies, eventually removed myself from the program as I didn't see myself headed in that direction.


Cooking Prepping Food Knowledge of food safety Good communication

Computer Skills: Above average knowledge of computers and how they work.

Additional Information

Completed high school with my diploma. Continued to Grant Macewan for General Studies, but removed myself as I didn't know what I wanted to do. I consider myself an extremely hard worker, with a lot of focus on the job at hand, but I have fun and enjoy myself at the same time.


I enjoy playing outdoor hockey, and soccer. I play computer games in my spare time, while speanding time with friends and my nephews. I currently play the guitar, and enjoy listening to most music.