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Cliff Keogh

#415 13850 34 st., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

(C) (780)237-3342,


I would like to apply for the position of Vacuum Truck operator.With my work experience in the oil field as well as working on a slip pipe team to working for the City of Edmonton  I have been able to broaden my my skill set and I am able to take on new tasks with confidence.

Work Experience

Operator II/III (02/23/2009 – Present)

In my current position as an Equipment operator my responsibilities are, from May to October I work as a member of the catch basin cleaning crew. As well as working on cleaning of the tens of thousands of CB's on the main arteries, often I would get calls for releasing of plugged CB leads and main lines. The other half of the year I am paired up with a senior operator to continue my learning. Approximately every three months I am the stand by operator for which I am call twenty four seven for a one week period. Calls can be plugged mains, assisting a service truck to open up a residential line or being called out to an emergency dig up and assisting the construction crew in exposing a service or main line.

Last Employer: City of Edmonton

Contact Person: Dean York (780)496-2873

Responsibilities: Perform daily pre trip inspection, use laptop located in unit to locate facilities id,mainline locations, pump well facilities, manholes, locate M.S.D.S. and use excel to complete time sheets as well as all the related Drainage work sheets and Plugged Main Reports.

Accomplishments: Obtained Waste Water Level One, Obtained a class "D" permit, Obtained flagging certificate, Confined space entry, Emergency First Aid with A.E.D. qualification.

Flusher Truck operator (10/24/2008 – 01/16/2009)

Flushing and chain flailing storm and sanitary lines in the City of Regina. Slip lining of pipes.

Last Employer: Labors union local 1611/Michaels Canada

Contact Person: Don (engineer)(780)955-2120

Responsibilities: Perform daily pre trip inspection,routine maintenance,using hydrants to fill unit,and as necessary use a diaphragm pump to ensure the hydrants were completely emptied to below the frost line as we were working in Regina at -40 to -50 with wind chill.

Accomplishments: Performed my job safely under adverse winter conditions.Assisted in the process of lining hundreds of meters of pipe.Our days were routinely twelve hours,but to work until the job was done was always the case.This could turn into a sixteen hour day very easily if complications arose while cutting out services for customers.

Assistant Pipe layer (06/04/2008 – 09/25/2008)

Laid general communications,Hydro,Telus,storm and sanitation lines in new construction at the athletes village ,False Creek south. Assisted in setting vaults and galleries. Used grout extensively to make for a clean finish inside the galleries. Worked with excavator operator and grade man to achieve uniform depth in ditches.

Last Employer: Laborers Union local 1611/Bell Pacific contracting

Contact Person: Rick project foreman

Responsibilities: Work with senior pipe layers, cut pipe as required act as top man. Glue and lay pipe.

Construction Safety officer/First aid (08/15/2007 – 01/04/2008)

Last Employer: Laborers union local 1611/Kingston Construction

Contact Person: Sam Diershel (604)882-7488

Responsibilities: Preformed daily safety inspections,supervised large lifts,confined space entries and indoctrinated new employees and sub contractors. responded to first aid calls.

Vacuum Truck operator (11/23/2004 – 05/01/2007)

Operated Vac truck in oil field capacity. This included responding to hazardous material spills, cement jobs for securing casing on drilling rigs,tank cleaning, assisting Frac crews in clean up of pipes and hoses.

Last Employer: Nighthawk Vac. Services/Ceda Industrial services,Grande Prarie

Contact Person: Office has since been closed down,not sure about contact

Responsibilities: Safely work in adverse conditions, work very long hours. Routinely over twenty four hours, one shift 44 hours in duration. Driving long hours in winter/ spring time conditions. The chaining up of my unit. Responsible for my helpers safety.

Accomplishments: Zero incidents while operating Vacuum truck, Zero damage, personally requested by Oil Field Representatives to complete jobs quickly and safely.


Safely operate Vactor unit in some very busy locations around the city.

Computer Skills: Accurately report my findings to my supervisor via email or on my time sheet. Proficient in word and excel. Able to continue learning other programs as required.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Waste Water Level One


I enjoy mountain biking, camping, fishing recently I have tried roller blading. I also enjoy playing the drums.