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Connor  Neumann


Address: 18723-49avenue

City: Edmonton

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: 1-780-487-4084
Cell: 1-780-720-3814


To widen my experience in the working world and help provide money to help with my future education after high school to obtain my career.


Work Experience

Front-End (08/16/2006 – Present)

Part Time

Last Employer: Sobey's

Contact Person: Nancy/1-780-441-3501

Responsibilities: Bagging groceries, Taking garbage to disposal areas, Cleaning, Helping customers find items, bringing in carts, stocking shelves, working produce on occasions.

Accomplishments: Acquired many skills learning how to do many new things and learned to deal with all kinds of customers.


Establishment: Micheal A. Kosteak

Degree: Elementary 1-6

Education Period: 09/01/1999 - 06/24/2005

Average Grade: A's or B's

Establishment: S. Bruce Smith

Degree: Junior High grades 7-9

Education Period: 09/01/2005 - 06/24/2008

Average Grade: 80-95

Establishment: Jasper Place High School

Degree: Grades 10-12

Education Period: 09/01/2008 - 11/21/2010

Average Grade: 80-90


People Skills, Multi-taking skills, Heavy Lifting Skills, Basic Computer skills, Ability to grasp things quickly, Dedication to get the job done, Organization skills, Responsible, Friendly, Able to work with people and individually.

Computer Skills: Basic Computer skills.

Foreign Language Skills: Elementary German

Additional Information

Honors: Obtained Honors through grades 10 and 11. Also most previous grades.

Certifications or Licensures: Have Learners License.


Started playing Volleyball in grade 7 and have continued to play in school seasons and club seasons ever since. I have gone to many summer camps for volleyball and met many people from those camps and my volleyball seasons. Play many assortments of video games on xbox and wii consoles. In summer season i play competitive house league baseball. I enjoy wildlife and my goal for my career is to become a marine biologists. I was involved in a permaculture club in my school for grade 11 and we looked at ways to find better ways to provide food for ourselves but it also provides for the environment so it is a continous cycle. I love the environment and would love to get involved in something to help clean the world in more ways possible than i already do. I know how to scuba dive and have gone in a indoor pool twice. I enjoy going hiking and on walks to keep a healthy fitness and discover new areas. I also love all types of music and have gone to many music festivals such as Sonic Boom in Edmonton for the last two years.