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Crystal McCarthy

1213 walker st, Regina, Sask, Canada

(H) 924-2167, (C) 550-2981,


I am looking for waitressing or hostessing, in a resturant or lounge. i am a hard worker, work well with others have very good customer service skills.

Work Experience

Waitress,Bartender (07/01/2010 – 11/20/2010)

ive worked in a few differnt resturants serving and hostessing. alot of customer service skills.

Last Employer: pinocchiocs pizza

Contact Person: kathy...924-2677

Responsibilities: cleaning, seating,taking,orders,serving customers, mixing drinks alcoholic or non. preparing foods cutting meat, oinions,mushrooms,dishes, hadling cash,debit,credit cards

Accomplishments: learned to mix drinks properly, got experience serving customers


Last Employer: thomas cook

Contact Person: john

Responsibilities: seating people taking drink orders, handling cash debit credit cards balancing till


Last Employer: humptys

Responsibilities: seating people,handling cash debit credit cards, taking drink orders


Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1


good customer service, work well with others, work with minimual supervision, good speaking and listening skills

Computer Skills: i know the computer basics


I enjoy running around playing with my 3 kids. being outdoors, shopping, cooking, baking,