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Dallas Otto


Address: 17 winters way

City: Calgary

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: (403) 982-9955
Cell: (403) 808-8588


I would like to have a job in construction, just for the summer to help pay for my college. I am a hard worker and I have lots of skills with building things (helped my father in my youth building our house, barn and, poultry houses.


Work Experience

Fertilizer Weed control (03/15/2011 – Present)

Working with my father in his company (fertilizer weed control) doing mstly grunt jobs but sometimes I would go drive the Spray trucks

Last Employer: Father

Contact Person: (403) 888-3323

Responsibilities: I had to drive the spray trucks and park them Carefully. Mix the fretilizer

Accomplishments: Made quite a lot of money


Establishment: none

Degree: none

Speciality: none

Average Grade: 96%

Details: none


I have a certified hunting licence, and know how to run power tools

Computer Skills: I know how to work one

Foreign Language Skills: none

Additional Information

Honors: Finished high school on the honour roll

Certifications or Licensures: Hunting license, Wildlife Identification Number,


I am an avid Outdoor enthusiast, I enjoy Hunting, Fishing and hiking, I like dirtbiking