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Dave Metituk


Address: 13010-91A street

City: Grande Prairie

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Cell: 780 933 9045
Fax: 780 538 2177



Responsible for taking concept, from its current status guiding it through necessary design changes successfully to market.

Timeline 5-6 months:

1 Refine prototype; including revising engineering, and performing modifications.

2 Marketing/ sales strategy and execution.

3 Manufacturing and execution.

4 Installation coordination.



Work Experience

Automotive sales (03/11/2003 – 10/14/2004)

1996-1999 Parts 2003-2004 Sales

Last Employer: Nor-Lan Chrysler

Contact Person: Garth Jones/Dale Adams

Responsibilities: Primarily my responsibilities was sales. But my role there quickly became a roll of product knowledge support for the whole sales team. I also was in charge of any special events that needed to be planned like model launches.

Accomplishments: Succeeded in converting the typical salesman mentality into a team of salesman that worked together for the better of the customer. Planned and executed the most successful product launch in G.P. auto history. The launch of the 300C was not a launch but an event. Management was expecting 50 people and 2 cars sold on the evening. We had over 150 people attend and sold all the 300s on the lot as well as took 5 additional orders. During my first round at Nor-Lan I was a partsman. This is where I became a journeyman. I ran the back counter and in my last year I was responsible for $680k in parts sales with a 94% success rate. Industry standard at that time was 84%.

Maintanance Supervisor (08/15/1994 – 12/20/2002)

Train Lift opperators, Make snow, maintain Chair/platter lifts, Maintanance on all equipment onsite. including , 1 tons, snow machined , snow cats, 3 stage compressors, Not to mention EVERY nut bolt plank and item on the hill.

Last Employer: Nitehawk Ski Hill/ GP Ski Club

Contact Person: Duane Stevenson

Responsibilities: Mantain and service all equipment on the hill. Manage all outside operations,

Accomplishments: -Bauer Triple chair, Nitehawk skill hill. Used chair lift was purchased from Blackcomb mountain. It was removed by a crew from Doplemayer on site in BC. Crated and shipped to local location. I was hired on to help re-assemble and modify the chair lift for operation at Nitehawk. Major modifications were made to fit a mountain system to a hillside. -- Invented the first ER snowmobile/ alert system. System worked on both battery and battery less systems .

Shop Forman

Last Employer: Waylan Maintanence (Now Reed Energy)

Contact Person: Jack Berg

Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities included the following; - Service and maintain over 30 pieces of equipment, from track hoes, trailers to 1/2 tons and everything in between. - Tool crib manager. signed out and maintained all tools and machines that were rented from our in house rentals fleet. Like threaders, gen sets, pumps, and tons more. - I was also an emergency hand for those days when the I was needed due to over booking or emergency jobs. Jobs included shut downs, Flair stack flame arrestor replacement, construction, equipment operating (picker, rubber tire hoe) - Special projects (these were the best)

Accomplishments: - Designed and built one of the first 1 ton corner picker service bodies, that used hydraulic extendable outriggers, In northern Alberta. In that deal I also facilitated the agreement between Ferrari Pickers and Reliance Hydraulics. A mutually beneficial agreement for both companies. - Built one of the first tow-able BBQ in northern Alberta. It is still in operation and can be seen at nitehawk shi hill. To this day it is the only known BBQ to feature full professional restaurant appliances converted to run on propane, With the only 48" stainless skillet for amazing bacon and eggs. - 1980 BMW 633csi. This was a left over project from the previous mechanic that I replaced. Initially it was a box of many parts. After 3 months it was a running car. - Designed and built 2 sets of pipe stringers for lowering pipe into the ground without damaging the yellow jacket. Improving the time needed to lower pipeline into the ground. - Build a custom 408cui. small block for one of the owners motor home. Engine out out 440 hp 3 years before the parts for this kind of build was readily available.

Operator and Maintenance (08/01/1995 – 12/13/1996)

Last Employer: TCI Cable vision

Contact Person: Ron Theaker

Responsibilities: Assist in every area requested in order to build the first operational cable TV system in New Zealand. - Directional drill rig operator - Overhead facility construction - Dish installation - Equipment modification and maintenance - Cable installer - Pneumatic mole operator

Accomplishments: - Helped design and build a drill rig hauler that also contained a mud mixing and transfer system for drilling mud. - Rigged and assembled the pneumatic mole truck. - Designed and converted a end dump vac truck into a hydrovac.

National Parts Advisor (04/03/2000 – 03/30/2001)

Last Employer: Daimler Chrysler New Zealand

Contact Person: Greg Lovrage

Responsibilities: Oversee and train all the parts man in the country. Review and process all parts orders and special requests that came in from the dealer network. I also spent allot of time advising the marketing efforts of the NEW brands that was just released to the New Zealand public. Traveled to special events to represent the brand. To show the people in NZ what we were all about. I was given new model budgets for parts inventories for head office as well as dealers. I successfully maintained stocking levels for the warehouse to insure that the dealers were not waiting for simple items. Liaise with Mopar Performance to establish proper pricing levels for Performance parts.

Accomplishments: Build and designed a Mopar parts and accessorised show vehicle that traveled the country to various shows. Displaying specialty items that the majority of people didn't know were available. That vehicle influenced a 45% increase in Mopar accessory sales. Assisted McLaren on determoning factory components that would work for a custom RHD conversion on our 1999 Prowler show car . Negotiated a $25k sponsorship deal for KIWI Outlaw sprint car racer Kerry Jones. He became, the first corporate endorced NON north American Outlaw racer in Mopars history.


Establishment: NAIT

Degree: Journyman Parts

Education Period: 01/08/1997 - 03/11/1998

Speciality: Inter Provincial Red Seal

Average Grade: 92%

Details: Took the accelerated program by writing off first year therefor completing a 3 year apprenticeship in 2 years.

Establishment: Georgian College

Education Period: 01/08/1997 - 01/06/1998


Average Grade: 94%

Details: Online courses in Dealersip HR Managment

Establishment: Georgian College

Education Period: 08/07/2002 - 12/03/2002


Average Grade: 88%

Details: Business and dealership finacial managment certificate.


I posses a very well rounded skill set; - Management - Task oriented - Advanced Problem solving - Production Efficiency - Training - Prototyping and Application - Custom car design and manufacture. - CNC design and operation. - Stick, TIG, and MiG welding

Computer Skills: Skilled on several soft wares. Corel x4, Omega 6, VersaWorks, Euro Systems. Moderate skills on MS Office.

Additional Information

I curently am an equal partner in SpeedPro Signs Grande Prairie. Recently awarded Franchise of the Decade buy our head office. I have been successful in transferring all my existing skills into my at SpeedPro. I have also been able to continue learning new skills and techniques. I have acted as support for other franchises on many occasions. I have traveled Canada for head office to setup new stores in several markets. As well I have traveled to existing stores to train on new techniques. I also aided the owners on increasing trough-put to increase profits. Something that the HO does not train on.

Research Projects: Reserched the viability of converting a 1973 Dodge Challenger to run modern EFI with a large Turbocharger. In 2001 this was the first time this had been done on record.

Certifications or Licensures: Journyman Partsman


First and foremost I am a Family man. My Families well being is the most important thing to me.

But with that said have a keen interest in things that are DIFFERENT. I have a passion for all things automotive related. Custom cars, dirt biking with my son, racing of all forms (not watching, but driving). I also am very interested in technology. New applications of existing ideas interest me very much. I love architecture and BIG things that hands built. The Great Wall, The Pyramids, Crain’s, Bridges, Ancient Pillars, Hand built cars are simply incredible.