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David Broomfield

1651 South Dobson Road Apt 388, Mesa, AZ, 85212, United States

(H) 480-491-7170,


I am responsible easy going and reliable. I love to work hard, working hard is the only way to suceed in this world. I believe in setting goals. Setting goals I believe is the only way to successfully reach your goals.I am a team player, I love working with others. I am always up for new challenges, challenges are what make you work harder and shapes you to be a great worker.

Work Experience

Kitchen Manager

Overall it has been a good experiance. I have experianced running the shop by myself for periods of time. Stressfull situations with a smile on my face. Most if not all the customers I have delt with had a possitive experience.

Last Employer: Mafia Mikes Pizza

Contact Person: Tory Champion 480-539-2808

Responsibilities: My duties at this job where to Make pizza dough, make the pizza sauce, wash dishes, run the register, serve customers, Help customers find the best pizza deal. I delt with customer issues as well as employee issues, lastly cleaning up the shop at night and preparing the food for the morning and at night

Accomplishments: Most improved employee. Promoted to manager.


People skills, hands on skills, interpersonal skills. very good communication skills.

Computer Skills: Able to use any microsoft program: microsoft excell, Microsoft works, Microsoft Powerpoint.

Additional Information

I have a wife and a newborn son.

Honors: Eagle Scout for the Boy Scouts Of America.


I played alot of football in high school, I truly believe that this experiance made me a stronger person but also made me a more dedicated and harder worker. It tought me respect and honor,it helped me push my self when I was at my weakest point and I wanted to quit.

I served a two year full time mission for my church, The Church of Jesus Christ Of latter day saints. This experiance taught me that you can not judge by the out ward apperiance and that you have to have some respect for others no matter who they are. It taught me to deal with diverse personalities, and this experiance also taught me to push myself when I was having the worst days to just keep my head up keep pushing.