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Dylan Hempseed

232nd Street, Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

(H) N/A, (C) (+1)604-217-7512,


Looking for a full time position to sell and provide items to other.  With a main strenth of listening and reacting to the, best interest to help with people's needs and wants.

Work Experience

Window/Grill Employee  (07/20/2009 – 07/05/2011)

Working 3-5 Shifts a week for 24 monthes. All shifts ranged from 4-8 hours.

Last Employer: McDonalds

Contact Person: Sarah Dodd/604-463-7858

Responsibilities: Window ( Talking listening and taking orders), Grill (Cooking Food), Maintenance (Cleaning, maintaining Restaurant)

Accomplishments: Employee of the month April 2010


Establishment: Samuel Robertson Tech

Education Period: 09/05/2006 - 06/22/2011

Average Grade: B+

Details: High-school, took majority of cooking and info tech classes while getting basic academics.


Works well with others, Listens well and responds well, Shows initiative, Communication and multi-tasking skills developed from previous experiences, Leadership skills, with the ability to take necessary actions in tasks when required

Computer Skills: Info Tech Grade 8-12 Basic Knowledge of PC Basic Console Knowledge MS word


Interests in basic computer, film, gaming knowledge hobbies very to multipul extents ex. gaming, making movies ect. Always ready to learn and work.