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Edgar Westbrook

8508 Valencia Village Lane/Apt.208, Orlando, Florida, 32825, United States

(C) 4072598065,


To further my career in management using safety, quality, and performance. I enjoy working in different enviroments with different people; correspondingly, to better understand life. My social skills are above and beyond.Likewise, I strive to give those presented to me the services like none other while growing with my company to become the best.

Work Experience

Package Handler (11/10/2009 – 06/21/2010)

Handling packages was my starting Job. As of 30 days I received a raise from 8.50 to 10.50. After 3 months I was in consideration for management.

Last Employer: UPS

Responsibilities: Handling Packages while remembering hundreds of zip codes. Part f the mentoring program, and also very active member in the safety committee. Furthermore, was well acquainted with every position in the building after 3 months. I also was on the sort aisle, and unloaded and loaded trailers.

Accomplishments: Always the first to arrive, and the last to leave. Safety committee member, Sort certified, Mentoring leader member Loading/Unloading Packages

Cashier (02/15/2000 – 01/01/2011)

Customer service, Microsoft office, Microsoft Excel, Quick-books, Microsoft Access

Last Employer: BBQ Mann

Contact Person: 4078604741

Responsibilities: Handling money, Keeping up with inventory while dealing with customers and employees. Good customer service was the key here.

Accomplishments: Great Customer Service Skills, Recommendation letter

Student Leader (08/23/2010 – Present)

1.)Financial Accounting- Learning the basic rules and guide lines of financial accounting. I have the advantage of sitting in this class several times a year; therefore, the majority of this material is very fresh in my head. 2.) Math- I am very driven towards numbers, for they are everywhere. Math is my favorite subject; therefore I tutor College Algebra and all levels below. 3.) English- I am also listed as an English tutor in my department 4.) Reading- I also tutor student on how to comprehend various reading collections!

Last Employer: Valencia Community College(Jennifer)

Contact Person: 4077442558

Responsibilities: To sit through each class, and help observe. I then hold an 50 minute tutoring session after each of the three subjects I tutor. I am responsible for planning ahead each week in order to be prepared for possible questions, and new material which will be presented before me and my peers.

Accomplishments: Social Skills, Tutoring experience, and another form of mentoring.


Establishment: Valencia Community College

Degree: Associate in Arts

Education Period: 05/05/2008 - 12/23/2010

Average Grade: 3.02

Details: Computer Fundamentals Spanish 1 and 2 Intro to Business Financial and Managerial Accounting Speech


I am able to function in just about any environment. I have worked around several types of people, and have learned the importance of being a team player.

Computer Skills: I have taken a course at Valencia called cgs 2100 Computer fundementals. This gave me great encounters, and assighnments with Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excell, and Microsoft Ascess

Foreign Language Skills: I used to know a little Spnaish, but it has been a while. If a requirement i will get back in the groove.

Additional Information

I have Participated in Junior Achievement. Me and my group project for the cornerstone class was to earn a minimum of $1000 by the end of the semester which was a great success.


Junior Achievement is one of the greatest community work I have experinced.  I really enjoy community service, and staying involved  with my community. I love art, and mathematics. I also enjoy teaching people new things in order to help elevate them in a way that few will.