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Edward Porter

161 Mary St, Dutton, Ontario, Canada

(H) 519-854-1590, (C) 519-854-3298,


I have extensive experience in the Management/Supervisor field in various forms of business. I am a dedicated hard working employee that handles tasks quickly and efficiently. I believe my leadership skills are excellent and I enjoy a fast paced environment as attention to detail is a strong suit of mine. The fields of experience where I have the most experience is in Transportation as well as Waste Management.

Work Experience

Operations Supervisor (02/02/2009 – Present)

Daily operations of the City of St.Thomas waste contract,Southwold waste contract,Dutton Dunwich waste contract,West Elgin waste contract,London Middlesex Housing waste removal.

Last Employer: BFI Canada Inc.

Contact Person: Mary Richard 519-681-4040

Responsibilities: Responsible for the daily operation of the city of St.Thomas waste collection contract including all waste drivers,dispatching,routing,scheduling,residential issues and communication with the City. I am also responsible for all Health and Safety issues including WSIB claims.

Accomplishments: When my tenure as Supervisor began we had 11 employees on WSIB or STD. I have got that number down to zero by offering return to work plans and accomodation to all employees and they are all back to full duties. The accomplishment I am most proud of is I negotiated a 4 day work week with the City of St Thomas as well as Southwold and Dutton Townships saving the company in excess of $750,000.00 annually.

Production Supervisor (10/14/1996 – 01/30/2009)

Plant operation supervising to ensure all deadlines were met including the distribution of products by drivers as well as all customer service issues.

Last Employer: Norval Meat Packers

Contact Person: Rick Bailey

Responsibilities: I was responsible for the complete operation of this meat distribution plant including processing,packaging and distribution of our products. I worked hand in hand with the Ministry of Agriculture on a daily basis ensuring our products met all government standards.

Accomplishments: I am proud that during my 12 year tenure as Plant Supervisor we had zero Government violations which was very difficult to accomplish based on the nature of our business. I helped grow the business from 2 trucks to a 12 truck operation. My proudest feat was getting our plant Federal Government certified by ensuring the Federal standards were met. Due to the certification we were able to export our products to the United States which became approx. 70 percent of the gross revenue.

Assistant Driver Supervisor (10/28/1991 – 09/27/1996)

Daily driver reports including tach cards,daily log books,MTO regulations and infractions as well as WSIB and payroll for all owner operators.

Last Employer: Erb Transport Ltd.

Contact Person: Glenn Lemieux

Responsibilities: I was responsible for ensuring all drivers (approx 800) were running legally in accordance with MTO regulations. I was also responsible for all WSIB issues as well as payroll for all owner operators

Accomplishments: While employed at Erb Transport I pursued various training courses with many agencies. I achieved certification as a WSIB claims representative,Health and Safety certification with the Ontario Safety Board a.k.a Occupational Health and Safety Board, I obtained my DZ drivers license,Fork Lift Certification and my Level 3 First Aid through St.Johns Ambulance.


Establishment: Sheridan College

Degree: Transportation Management

Education Period: 09/05/1989 - 06/14/1991

Speciality: McCallion Award for Top Grade

Average Grade: 93 percent

Details: The course covered all aspects of the transportation field. It covered truck operations including safety. The main focus of the course was to give the student the skills to manage a Transport Company efficiently with all knowledge of dispatching,employee management,shipping/receiving operations,paper work accuracy including customs and cross border operations. Key focus as well on Customer Service.


WSIB claims certified,Health and Safety certified,Level 3 First Aid,capable of doing payroll,DZ drivers license,transportation of dangerous goods certified,fork lift certified.

Computer Skills: Very familiar with Excel,Infopro,Word,all map programs as well as Email.

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: WSIB Claims Representative.

Certifications or Licensures: WSIB Claims Rep, DZ License,Fork Lift Certification,Transportation of Dangerous Goods,Crisis Intervention and Level 3 First Aid.


I enjoy many sports including playing Ice Hockey in the winter and Golf in the summer. I have coached many hockey teams over the years and enjoy that immensely. I have played guitar my entire life and enjoy playing music with my children very much. I recently became certified by MADD Canada as a Victim Services Volunteer so I can help families who have been traumatized by the effects of drinking and driving.