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Felicia Merrill

87 University St. Apt. 47, Auburn, ME, 4210, United States

(C) (207)330-9377,


I am seeking a position requiring hard working individuals with a positive attitude in an office environment. There should be many different tasks to complete through out the day.

Work Experience

Cashier (07/07/2010 – Present)

Operating the cash register, handling cash.

Last Employer: Kmart

Contact Person: Joyce Beane (207)784-2911

Responsibilities: I am required to operate the cash register, provide excellent customer service, maintenance merchandise,etc.

Accomplishments: I acquired a couple different skills such as, learning how to run the cash registers, improving my positive attitude, working as a group to achieve customer satisfaction.

Server (06/12/2008 – 12/17/2008)

Last Employer: Dennys

Contact Person: Tammy Mills (207)782-8338

Responsibilities: I was required to greet the customers upon arrival, making sure the are satisfied the whole time they were in the restaurant. Punching orders into the computer, handling the cash and making sure the customers got the right amount of change. Cleaning the tables, organizing everything.

Accomplishments: I was young while I was employed there but, I believe during my employment with this company I acquired a very positive attitude.

Varied (03/11/2008 – 06/12/2008)

Last Employer: Wendys

Contact Person: Kathy Back (207)782-4521

Responsibilities: I was responsible for making the sandwiches, operating the cash register, providing the customers with their beverages, etc.

Accomplishments: This was actually my first place of employment and this was the first time experiencing customer service or anything of that sort.


Establishment: Auburn Adult Education Auburn ME. 04210

Degree: GED

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/20/2009

Details: I recieved my GED.


Computer Skills: I do not have superior computer skills although, I have always been good with computers. I know the basic computer skills and I always enjoyed doing projects on the computers in school.


I have always been interested in working in an office environment although, I have not had any experience.