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Gerald Goodfellow

Box 158, ST. Georges, Mb. , Canada

(H) 204- 367-8030, (F) 204- 367- 8030


Professional driving: As an ambassador  of companys image and financial profitabilty , Relialabilty, promptness, safety , courtesy on and off the road  are all attributes that  can and will be enhanced.

Work Experience

driver (08/01/2010 – 07/15/2010)

Hauled peat-moss and wood chips short and long haul.

Last Employer: Grizzly transport ,Hadashville,Mb

Contact Person: Shaun Bjorklund 204-426 5266

Responsibilities: drive and maintain equipment to reduce down-time and operating costs

Accomplishments: was able to meet scheduled deliverys and load times with very little down time


Establishment: University of Saskatchewan

Degree: Agriculture

Education Period: 09/15/1965 - 05/15/1969

Speciality: Soils

Average Grade: 4/5

Details: completed


communication,promptness,reliable, diiligent,willing to go the extra mile to to see the job is done right the first time