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Hasna Demnati





Work Experience

communication services (04/01/2009 – 05/08/2009)


Last Employer: Aeroclub Royal, Marrakech

Contact Person: 001212524789009

Responsibilities: Worked in intern communication services, helpd pilots coordinate flight schedules with club members. Answerd phone calls, handeled coordinate Aeroport tours.

Accomplishments: Done 18/20

Advertisement/writer (07/01/2009 – 09/04/2009)


Last Employer: LE MATIN newspaper

Contact Person: 00121252487654

Responsibilities: Sales, ads and anoucement and special events. Writing small articles about local news

Accomplishments: Done 18/20

Production assistant (02/01/2008 – 04/04/2008)

Just greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

Last Employer: Tahitibusiness" Genious compagny"

Contact Person: 87654334567

Responsibilities: Assisted in writing articles, creating advertisements, flyers... Interviewed Models and personalities such as Miss TAHITI... Photography of pictures published in the magazine

Accomplishments: Done 17/20


Establishment: first year/tourism

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1

Establishment: second year/business

Education Period: 11/30/-1 - 11/30/-1

Establishment: third year/corporate management+communication



Computer Skills: microsoft word, Excel, internet, photoshop...

Foreign Language Skills: Arabic, frensh, english and a little bit of spanish

Additional Information

Study Abroad: Morocco and France