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James Greco


Address: 4244 Gunderson Ave.

City: Berwyn

State: Illinois

Zip: 60402

Country: United States

Phone: 708-484-1989
Cell: 312-806-3878


If you want a smart, friendly, obedient, hard worker who always follows the rules, and does what they're told, I'm the man for the job.(I had a strict Christian upbringing and also take after my 95yr old grandfather, a minisotta farmboy) Learning something new, is exciting, and never difficult.


Work Experience

Team Memeber (01/07/2008 – 10/31/2008)

I've worked for (in Indana) a blacktop company, Dominicks, K-mart, an electricial motor rebuild shop, Arby's,(in Chicago) an electrician, a pizza resturant, and White Castle. my work ethics are and always have been stronger than most.

Last Employer: White Castle

Contact Person: Christina/708-352-0305

Responsibilities: Above all, customer, inside registers, cooking, frying, cleaning almost everything inside and out of the resturant, refilling all supplies, and smiling.

Accomplishments: I worked mostly midnights, But sometimes other shifts, even after getting off midnights. It was difficult, but it made me feel good to know that I was willing to work harder than most.


Establishment: Illinois Institute Of Art

Degree: Bachelors

Education Period: 09/17/2001 - 12/13/2001

Speciality: Media Arts

Average Grade: B+ gpa- 3.6

Details: I only attended here for a semester, because of money/family problems.


I posses many skills,none of wich are applicable, but I'm always eager and willing to Learn more.

Computer Skills: I know how to use a computer, that's about as far as my computer skills go.

Foreign Language Skills: Some Spanish: Very little, but enough to communicate. A little Sign Language: some words, but mostly just the alphabet.


I'm extremely artistically and musically gifted, I'm currently working on a solo R&B project, which I plan to do all the music, Lyrics, and artwork, myself.