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Jamie Gerbrandt

11-305 mercy st., selkirk, manitoba, Canada

(H) (204)785 8111,


Looking for more work experience in a different line of work than previous employer. I am seeking job that has steady work for a reliable paycheck.I am a hard working and punctual person who has a strong work ethic. I am a friendly individual that is comfortable working alone or in a group setting. Also a physically fit person with outgoing personality.

Work Experience

cook/cashier (01/05/2005 – 10/14/2005)

-worked in a fast paced kitchen environment -served customers and made sure customers were happy with there meals -prepared meals and kept kitchen area clean and manageable -provided excellent customer service while working as a cashier at busy restaurant -completed other duties as assigned by employer

Last Employer: Mcdonalds restaurant

Contact Person: (204)785-1011

Responsibilities: -cook -prep -cashier -braur -kcl(kitchen clean up) -labourer

Accomplishments: -was employee of the month first month employed

labourer (09/21/2004 – Present)

-placing insulation and stapling vapor barrier,sealing and taping insuring no air flow -installing and boarding drywall -taping seams and finish sanding ensuring smooth finish -painting and finishing -insured job site kept clean; made sure all tools were accounted for -assisted co-workers and ran errands for employer

Last Employer: Houries drywalling & decorating

Contact Person: brian hourie (204)798-8660

Responsibilities: -boarder -taper -painter -finisher -clean up

Accomplishments: -have worked there for 6 years


Establishment: lord selkirk regional comprehensive secondary school

Degree: gr.11

Details: currently attending learning center attaining GED


-familiar with boom(bucket truck) operating -familiar with a number of power tools e.g.(sand blaster,soda blaster,pressure washer) -familiar use with a skid(bobcat) -good working with hands