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Jamie MacDonald

27 Country Club Place, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada

(H) (705) 253-5747, (C) (705) 987-1426,


I wish to apply for part-time employment at a successful business & franchise.

Work Experience

Part-Time Sales Employee (11/12/2008 – 01/18/2010)

I have had experience in retail and sales working to assist others in making their purchases.

Last Employer: West 49. Inc.

Contact Person: (705) 946-3567

Responsibilities: Duties included: cleaning, washing windows, sweeping the flooring of the store, mopping, cash and finance-handling, sorting clothes, folding different branded clothes, and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.

Accomplishments: Reached top sales representative a number of times while employed with West 49 Inc.

Summer Camp Counselor (07/05/2005 – Present)

I have also had thorough and long work experience with Christian summer camp, Camp McDougall; located in Thessalon.

Last Employer: United Church of Canada

Contact Person: 842-2524

Responsibilities: Responsibilities included: supervising/counselling ten children per cabin for a total of six nights and five days, promoting safe play and a fun atmosphere, and surveying hygene.

Accomplishments: I have been attending Camp McDougall for twelve years.

Runner For Law Office (05/10/2006 – 09/05/2006)

I have had experience working in my fathers' law office for a summer of high school.

Last Employer: Hugh MacDonald

Contact Person: (705) 253-5747

Responsibilities: Responsibilities included: Closing and cataloging closed files, collecting mail from different areas in the downtown area, running errands for my father and his secretaries.


Establishment: Sir James Dunn Collegiate & Vocational School

Degree: Currently Completing 12th Grade

Education Period: 09/05/2006 - 06/28/2010

Speciality: English

Average Grade: 80%

Details: I have been active in the football program, also have been recognized for writing and english skill. Courses I have taken this year: Guitar, Philosophy, Writer's Craft, Law, Recreational Weightlifting & Leadership, English, and Communications


Assisting others, english and writing, cash and finance handling, athletics, organizational skills, and cleaning/maintenance

Computer Skills: I have familiarized myself greatly with computer technology and can demonstrate quick and efficient work outpour when needed.

Foreign Language Skills: None

Additional Information

I am prepared to work any hour of the week as many possible shifts I can receive.


Interests include: Athletics, Football, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, English and Writing, Videography, Manufacturing/Rampwork, Guitar/Stringed Instruments, community involvement, socializing, and hard work when required.