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Jana Middleton

Prince George, British Columbia, Canada

(H) (250) 596-5262,


To obtain part-time or full-time employment with your company; while further my education.

Work Experience

Youth Care Worker (11/03/2008 – 09/09/2010)

Working with children within the care of the ministry, at a structured group home setting.

Last Employer: Mona Aldoff

Contact Person: (250) 562-9232

Responsibilities: empowering clients, providing children with their basic needs, protecting children, teaching life skills, house keeping, well written documentation, facilitate growth, and run programs.

Accomplishments: Active listening skills, leadership, role modelling, practice social service theory.


Establishment: College of New Caledonia

Degree: Social Service Worker Diploma

Education Period: 09/03/2008 - 05/09/2011

Average Grade: GPA 3.84

Details: Currently taking University transferrable courses at the College of New Caledonia.


muti-tasking, team player, clear and consise communication, good writing skills, professionalism, active listening skills, faciliatating groups, group speaking, and public education presentations.