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Jay Rochester

198 Williams Farm Road, Wesminster, SC, 29693, United States

(H) 864-972-3350, (C) 864-247-3960,


Your organization offers an awesome opportunity to gain meaningful experience in the professional field that I am pursuing. The Therapeutic Recreaton internship that you offer fits really well with what I aspire to do as a career, because of the nature of what your organization does, which is to play a positive role in impacting a kid's development, whether it is physically, cognitively, or emotionally. I want this to be made real to me, and I really value the opportunity that your organization offers to see these things take place first hand.

Work Experience

Ropes Course/Leading Music  (05/23/2010 – 08/07/2011)

Related--I worked very closely with young people on a daily basis and was able to have an impact beyond the position that I held at the camp. I also gained valuable leadership qualities from leading ropes activities, as well as being the designated leader of the other members of the worship team. Other--Learned about what it means to work on a budget, how to modify plans and how to be flexible. Also how to better relate to people, and be personable.

Last Employer: Asbury Hills United Methodist Camp

Contact Person: Ryan Culby/864-836-3711

Responsibilities: To learn about the ropes courses, and be ropes course certified for and by the camp. The ropes included a tree climb, a canopy tour, a climbing tour, and an assisted zip line. I facilitated these activities and was responsible for the safety of the participants. I had to be First Aid and CPR certified to work here as well.

Accomplishments: This was a successful experience and I accomplished a lot personally. I learned much about how to work with many various ages and backgrounds of young people and gained invaluable experience from my positions, as well as from various other jobs about leadership, management, and how an organization works.

Resident Assistant (08/16/2009 – 05/08/2010)

Related - experienced working with all types of people; also with having to be flexible, and available at all times; required a lot of patience, an open mind, and a strong will. Other - worked with college aged kids; had to be "mean" sometimes, and had to make some tough decisions.

Last Employer: Spartanburg Methodist College

Contact Person: Stacey Mason/864-587-4247

Responsibilities: Worked closely with the college as well as my residents to relay messages, answer questions, and make the residential experience as enjoyable and easy as possible. We met as a residence hall once a week, and as a residence life staff at least once a month. I was held to a higher standard, being in a position of leadership, and was responsible for upholding the standard of discipline with my residents that were set forth by the college.

Accomplishments: Kept my job and upheld the standards of the college. I learned how to stretch myself, as there were a lot of responsibilities to the job. I also gained a better sense of work ethic and accountability that was needed for that job. As in how to take the blame for something as a leader, and just to put my head down and keep working, no matter whose fault it was, or whose job it was. I learned a great deal about how to manage time and weed out the important things from the unimportant things.

Volunteer (03/24/2010 – 04/27/2010)

Worked with elderly patients in an effort to either rehabilitate or carry out a high quality of life in the long term care facility.

Last Employer: Lila Doyle Nursing Home

Contact Person: Pam Morrison/864-885-7675

Responsibilities: Carried out activities of a therapeutic recreation practitioner with a geriatric patient. Transporting patients to social or physical programs that were carried out by the department of activities, and interacting with patients.

Accomplishments: Was able to get the man that I was working with out of his room to go outside, or to activities, which was something that he previously would not do.


Establishment: Spartanburg Methodist College

Degree: Associate of Arts

Education Period: 08/23/2008 - 05/08/2010

Average Grade: 3.45

Establishment: Clemson University

Degree: Bachelors of Science

Education Period: 08/25/2010 - 11/30/-1

Speciality: Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management major

Average Grade: 3.5

Details: Received degree from the Health Education and Human Development department in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with a concentration in Therapeutic Recreation. I am minoring in Psychology, and am on track to graduate in December of 2012.


Very good at relating to people and making people feel comfortable; Good at psychoanalysis and reading people from skills learned from minoring in psychology.

Computer Skills: --Experience working with both major OS (Windows, and Macintosh) --Basic computer skills learned through classes taken through school.

Foreign Language Skills: Three years of Spanish in high school.

Additional Information

Certifications or Licensures: Standard First Aid, CPR (adult, child, infant), AED (adult, child)


Sports, music, meeting and getting to know people, fishing, hiking, making an impact, spending time with family and friends.