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Jeff Barton


Address: 607 Holland St.

City: Dugald

State: Manitoba

Country: Canada

Phone: 204-853-7415
Cell: 204-801-5867


I am seeking employment as a conductor with C.N. North America, with hopes of becoming a Locomotive Engineer in the future. I am very familiar with computers and have worked in various management positions.  Since i was 18 i have been working in the woodworking industry and would like to take up another challenge. 


Work Experience

Foreman/Lead hand (03/01/2010 – 09/21/2009)

Was responsible for all aspects relating to the manufacture of Custom Kitchen cabinetry. I was required to read and verify blue-prints, order materials, operate machinery, train staff, ship orders,receive orders,

Last Employer: Hawthorne Kitchens

Contact Person: Mike Harder/204-663-5022 ext 2

Responsibilities: See Above

Accomplishments: Managed to streamline some processes in the manufacture of components for drawer boxes cutting the days down from 3 to 1 to manufacture a certain type of drawers


Establishment: Murdoch McKay Collegiate

Degree: High School Diploma

Average Grade: University lvl courses


After many years in the woodworking industry i am very good with my hands and the use of power tools. Also programmed and operated CNC routers. Managerial skilled, excellent sight and hearing, good listener and quick learner.

Computer Skills: skilled at keeping the 4 PC's in my house free from harm. Set-up and maintain the network at home. e-mail


Computer gaming

Model railroading

Canada Day Volunteer

Yard work