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Jeffrey Diep


Address: 127 Kirton Close

City: Red Deer

State: Alberta

Country: Canada

Phone: (403)754-2916
Cell: (403)340-4177


To obatin a F/T job in the automotive industry, which may turn into a career.


Work Experience

Manager (12/21/2009 – Present)

Last Employer: Julie Diep

Contact Person: (403)346-3323

Responsibilities: Cleaning tables, Washing dishes, Handling money and customers, Preparing food and Handling big groups.


Degree: Business Management

Education Period: 09/07/2009 - 12/14/2009

Average Grade: B+

Details: Completed some courses in the business management field.


Familiar with vehicles, hard working, learn quickly, love to work with my hands perfectionist.

Additional Information

References Casey Desjarlais Co-worker (403)877-9648 Kyle Melin Co-worker (403)872-6660 Amanda Jackson Manager (403)872-2669


Basketball, Working out and Paintball, Very athletic.