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Jeremy Gonzales

1520 S. Windsor Cr., Mesa, AZ, 85204, United States

(H) 480-772-3982, (C) 480-772-2039,


  • To be associated with a company that I am proud to work for and awards employees with movement and compensation for maintaing and exceeding operational duties.  I am a extremly work orientated individule that would be proud to strive in any position held.

Work Experience

Station Operations Manager (05/10/2010 – Present)

Airlines Operations, Management. Station Training Coordinator. Deicing instructor. Customer service, Ticketing, Reservations, Sales, Verification of all cash and bank deposits. Gate, Ramp and certifications on all ground equipment, Take off Waite and Balance, Security and safety procedures and customer baggage service.

Last Employer: American Eagle / USGS

Contact Person: Angie Ingram

Responsibilities: Scheduling crew of daily and weekly operational duties. The training of all crew members in operational duties. Pre-plan all duties for turn flight's and to ensure on time departures. Strive to exceed sales and customer relations with all passengers. The security and safety expectations, procedures and audit control set forth by our passenger's, FAA, TSA, OSHA, CYS, American Airlines and American Eagle Airlines. Interviewing and hiring of all applicant's. Maintaining of all operation's paperwork is properly filled out and filed correctly. Daily shift report's, and crew scheduling. Handling and verifying of all cash and cash bank deposits. HR and all back office duties. Weekly conference calls on subjects of operation, on time dependability, revenue management and ramp safety. Internal and external emails.

Accomplishments: Accomplished an A average through all classes for, Core Training, Ticketing, Deicing Instructor, G.M. Stations Operations, Ramp coordinator, Gate operation and aircraft weight and balance. Increased departure dependability from 84.2%, the worst in the region, to 100% on time ( three months) and now # 1 in the western region. Brought station sales up by 73.4%. Past both FAA Audits.

Sales Manager, Asst. Store Manager (04/02/2010 – 02/17/2010)

Direct retail sales, Manage and coaching of all CSR'S and leads to meet and exceed sales goals, sales of weekly promotional sales items, Maintain a safe and clean store environment for the customers and our crew, weekly and monthly schematics, worked along side the store manager to best decide how to hit and exceed sales goals for the month. shipping and receiving of all merchandise to our store other retail stores, and customers, and daily merchandising of product in store.

Last Employer: Blockbuster Video

Contact Person: Jason Tel: # 253-472-4340

Responsibilities: Manage daily crew of duties and sales, customer service, daily cash audits, Merchandising, cleaning of store, product transfers reviewing security tapes, inventory control, receiving of merchandise, and bank deposits.

Accomplishments: Being named the top sales manager in the region. I was transferred to a store that was having problems meeting there sales quotas and within three weeks helped coach the crew and with my sales took the store from the fifth worst store in the district to # one store in the region , always maintaining an above average sales quota, our crew had been rewarded for winning many sales competitions, and customer service awards.

Distribution & Merchandise Manager (05/23/1995 – 03/11/2006)

All operational duties, such as Inventory, ordering of product, sales, distribution, merchandising, shipping & receiving.

Last Employer: B & K Distribution

Contact Person: Brad Scoplitte Tel: # 602-312-9067

Responsibilities: To order of all products ( over 60 different item), inventory control of all the product to order, and product in the inventory, the distribution and merchandising of the products in over 30 different grocery stores and 9 Costco's and Sam's Clubs.

Accomplishments: Consecutively surpassing annual sales of the previous years, and eventually hitting a goal of over a million dollars in sales annually.


Establishment: Mesa High

Degree: GED

Education Period: 09/04/1995 - 05/29/1997

Speciality: General

Average Grade: 3.0

Details: General Studies

Establishment: Flagship University

Degree: Certification in Airlines Operation, Ticketing, Gate, Ramp, GSC and Deicing

Education Period: 06/01/2010 - 07/12/2010

Average Grade: Avarage an A though over 300 classes

Details: American Airlines Training Facility.


Management, supervisor and lead duties, customer service, sales, knowledge of federal safety and security procedures, inventory control, inventory ordering, distribution merchandising, heavy and aircraft ramp equipment, shipping and receiving, Waite and balance, training coordinator, and scheduling of crew.

Computer Skills: Saber, DOS, Windows, vista, Microsoft word, intermediate in Microsoft excel.

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: Heavy equipment operator, for ramp and non ramp duties. Ticketing, Gate, Ramp, Waite and balance.

Certifications or Licensures: Ticketing, Waite & Balance, Gate, Ramp, Ground Security Coordinator, BMAS, ramp equipment, and deicing.


  • My family is my life, and for me spending time with them is the most important aspect in my life. I love going to my childrens sporting events. I am extremley intrest is in Avation, and eventualy I would like to becoming a Helicoptor Pilot and getting my CFII in Rotery or getting my licence for fixed wing. I love to watch basketball, and enjoy getting on the most extreme roller coaster's as possible. I would like to travel the world and see where my family is from and recieve a little more culture from my ethnic background.