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Jessica Panaro

27 vespucci dr, vaughan, ontario, Canada

(H) 905 303 1717, (C) 416 805 2884,


I would like to achieve a spot at red lobster as a chef because I am a great cook and Im well educated and also encouraged into making great foods. I have obtained great skills over time and will continue to develop many more aswell. I have familarized myself with many different foods and specialties. I am determined to do whatever it takes to satisfy my customers and you as a manager.

Work Experience

Chef (01/05/2009 – 01/22/2011)

I have worked at Swiss Chalet

Contact Person: 4158124787

Responsibilities: Clean the tables, floors and help the chef in the kitchen

Accomplishments: I have learned to be more responsible and take control over what I am supposed to do because my experience has made me develop with society and be more careful and consistant with my work habits and make sure that I please everyone.


Establishment: St.Joan Of Arc

Degree: High School Diploma

Average Grade: 75%

Details: I am willing to do whatever it takes to be apart of the Reb Lobster work place and become a professional chef. I have been trying my hardest to do as well as I can in school just to that any job would greatfully like to accept me and see how I work.


Good at cooperating, listening, trying new things

Computer Skills: Great at anything that has to deal with technology

Foreign Language Skills: Italian, French

Additional Information

I am good at many things and will do exactly as I am directed. I am very organized and operated and also very responsible. I like to try out new things aswell.


I am interested in cooking, helping people out, trying to understand others, dancing