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Jessica Thomson

4550 Ellerton ct., Burnaby, B.C, Canada

(H) 604-433-3655,


To obtain a postion that will enable me to use my strong organizational skills and ability to work well with customers and other employee's.

Work Experience

Waitress  (09/20/2008 – Present)

I attend a part time job at a restaurant owned by a close family friend, only when i am needed and if i am not working otherwise.

Last Employer: Jazzaniah Cafe Sidney, B.C

Responsibilities: I worked as a waitress and a cook on different days, accompanied by other employee's. My responsibilities are to make sure i get every one's orders in, clean tables, clean dishes, prepare food as requested and keep and clean and friendly environment.

Accomplishments: By working in this environment, it required alot of skill building in which i had to learn different techniques in preparing food, and being patient and friendly with the customers.


Establishment: Moscrop Secondary School

Degree: Attending Grade 10


I enjoy playing sports including volleyball and softball, I am also involved in community involvement by volunteering for consesion stands for the Coquitlam Minor Football Association games in which my little brother plays for.