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Jodi Boing


Address: 1415 Windridge Dr

City: El Cajon

State: CA

Zip: 92020

Country: United States

Phone: 619-334-5194
Cell: 619-301-9233


Professional healthcare worker that has been in the community for over 15 years,my professional experience in pharmacy and people with disabilities. My customer service with professionals and customers would benefit you and your clientel.I have worked in retail and with the public for several years,been in pharmacy for 11years and know my customers by name,I'm looking for a job that give me a variety of skills,and teach me something new.I am a pharmacy technician but am currently looking for a position that would improve my insurance skills,since they all seem to change so often.I 've worked other jobs that had me checking on T.A.Rs and prior authorizations.Wanted to get back into that to improve my understanding on how insurance companys work while continuing my knowledge of the healthcare industry. I wanted to be challenged and motivated to be able to move my career further so I can go back to school with more understanding.   


Work Experience

Pharmacy Technician (10/05/2006 – Present)

Filling prescriptions after typing them.Imputting insurance,solving problems.Customer service and cahiering.Ansering phones,getting diagnosis from doctors.

Last Employer: CVS

Contact Person: Stephanie Eliis/Nathan Ramsey

Responsibilities: I type,imput and fill prescriptions.While working with customer service.Filing paperwork for the company.Solving problems and helping customers find insurance company that will help pay for thier medications.Help schedule employees for appropiate times and meet guidlines.Put away drugs that come in from outside vendors,and ordering medications from outside vendors.Inventory on meds.And meeting the needs of every customer service.

Accomplishments: Lead Technian program,pharmacy technician school.

Pharmacy Techinian (05/08/2003 – 05/19/2006)

Working on prior authorizations and checking on the status,Billing insurance, and finding the money for the company for reimbursement.Filling prescriptions,and typing.Worked on processing and insurance problems,pulling outdates and processing them for returns.

Last Employer: Penasquitos Pharmacy

Contact Person: unknown pharmacy shut down

Responsibilities: Filling,and typing prescriptions.Inventory management,scheduling employees.Outdates and returns.Mail order,and finding monies owed to pharmacy through medi-cal and prior authorizations.

Accomplishments: Learned how to manage employess and pharmacists.Inventory management.

Pharmacy Technician

Typing and filling prescritions,inventory management, filing paperwork.Customer service,cashiering.

Last Employer: Rite Aid

Contact Person: Sunil Patel

Responsibilities: From 02/19/1999 to 12/07/2003 worked doing prosecssing and insurance claims,typing and filling rx's. cashiering and customer service.

Accomplishments: Learning how pharmacy works I was fresh out of school and did my externship with this company as well. They taught how pharmacy worked and I begun my career there.


Establishment: United Education Institute

Degree: Pharmacy technician certification

Speciality: pharmacy tech liscence

Average Grade: 3.85


I use to work for a government job named IHSS. Which helped people with disabilties get everyday things done that they couldnt do for themselves.Which taught me patience and tolerance.

Computer Skills: Can type 30-40 words per minute. In short code and in regular typing skills. I know how to fill out prior authorization and T.A.R.S and S.A.R.

Foreign Language Skills: I speak english and can understand spanish,can understand thick accents most of the time.

Additional Information

I like to get to know my customers on a personal level so I can and understand the hardship they are going through to let me be able to help them at a level of understanding and compassion.

Honors: Top 5 in my class at UEI. And student of the month 4 months runnign consecutively.

Conferences or Courses: I have several confrences on new billing for different corperations and lead tech programs.Studing now to get my national boards.

Certifications or Licensures: Certification in pharmacy in the state of California


I'm intrested in furthering my education in pharmact and or cusomer service. i enjoy being around people and interacting with my community,and participating in my daughters school activities and her studies in school.I'm very into spending time with my family and my mom who I take care because she is disabled.