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Jordin Brooks

56 daniels cres, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

(H) 1 306 789 1303,


I am looking for a temporary place of employment for a work placement program through the trades school im going through. I am currently enrolled in the Regina Trades and Skills Center for a General Framing Course. I am able to choose any trade to do my job placement in, and am looking for other trades that i might like more than Carpentry.

Work Experience

Framer (04/19/2010 – Present)

learning proper usage of powertools, along with how to properly maintain them. basic framing techniques, wich include measuring studs, proper placement and how to build everything associated with framing walls. Also, currently working on SIAST carpentry modules

Last Employer: Regina Trades And Skills Center

Responsibilities: Tool Maintanance, Shop/Work Site Clean Up, Cutting Studs, Measuring Studs/headers/support beams. SIAST modules, wich include various questions related to the carpentry trade.

Accomplishments: Framed a small house structure in the shop at school, along with a childs playhouse, and an elevated floor


Establishment: FW Johnson Collegiate

Degree: Grade 11

Education Period: 09/01/2004 - 05/01/2008


Quick Learner, Easy Going, Easily Retains Knowledge, Works Well With Others, Hard Worker, Able To Work For Long Periods Of Time, Very Safe,.

Computer Skills: Able To Work With Most Computer Programs, If Not Able To Work With Newer Software Right Away, It Only Takes A Couple Minutes Before Im Able To Grasp How To Use It.

Foreign Language Skills: English Speaking

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: Framing Course At The Regina Skills And Trades Center.

Certifications or Licensures: CSTS certificate (good for 3 years) WHIMIS certificate Basic Fall Protection Awarness


Interests Include:  


                            Building Various Things

                            Writing Music

                            Socialising With Others