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Kartik Saraf


Address: 2473 Lambert Dr

City: Aurora

State: IL

Zip: 60503

Country: United States

Phone: 630-978-3925
Cell: 630-415-8139


I wish to enter a field of library work both as a chance to pay off my student loans with the Federal Work Study program and a means to gain experience in the workplace.

Some of my main strengths include compassion and understanding, able to help people with their problems and keeping my composure when dealing with even the hardest tasks. I gained these strenghs from hours of volunteer service.


Work Experience

Volunteer Worker (07/23/2010 – 07/23/2010)

I learned how to communicate with people when behind a desk of authority and what to do when someone had a problem, including who to talk to when I could not be of assistance.

Last Employer: Muscular Dystrophy Association

Contact Person: 815-741-3851

Responsibilities: I had to work as a cashier for most of the period, to take donations from contributors and keep track of how much money we made

Accomplishments: I helped with balance and order during the event by keeping track of the money donated, and aquired more 'people' skills, something very valuable in the workplace. I also managed to keep my compusure after long periods of time, something valuable when working in a library.


Establishment: Oswego East High School

Degree: High School Graduate

Education Period: 08/28/2006 - 06/09/2010

Speciality: Not available

Average Grade: B+


I am good at writing, talking to people, and have a good memory: if you tell me something important, I will remember it.

Computer Skills: HTML

Foreign Language Skills: Spanish, up to 11th grade level. Hindi, born into an Indian family


I am interested in community service for the sheer joy of helping others in need. I also love free writing in my spare time, and plan to do a lot of it in the future, along with my career choice.

I also have participated in my school's broadcasting club, which makes the daily live newscasts for the students. I have always wanted to be on television and to work with hardworking people, something I find most beneficial to me as a worker and as a person.

I was also a member of the Speech Team as a public speaker and dramatic actor. I have grown to love acting and public speaking, and the hard work and dedication that comes along with it.