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Kathryn Simmons

2916 East River Road, Tacoma, Wshington, 99341, United States

(C) (509) 431-4409,


I am a driver who specailizes in moving product over and through the mountians in any all types of weather conditions. Have driven the mountians of washington for the past seven years.

Work Experience

Truck Driver (12/16/2010 – 02/02/2011)

53ft and 56 ft trailers with multable drop axels. refer exp and dryvan

Last Employer: National Food Corp

Contact Person: Kevin Penix Office (509) 677-5031 cell (509) 590-6661

Responsibilities: to deliver product to various stops running between Eastern and Western Washington loading and unloading product accounting for product and doing returns

Accomplishments: safety driving awards every year


Establishment: I I T R

Degree: Dipolma

Details: truck driving


flat bed ,, refer dry van, and some tankers

Computer Skills: basic

Additional Information

multiable drop axles


Hobbies include hunting, fishing, gardening, and trap shooting with my three daughters