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Kayla Bates


Address: 110 N. Brooks St., Apt. H

City: Madison

State: WI

Zip: 53715

Country: United States

Cell: (320) 761-8933


I am currently a sophomore with junior standing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison going for my biology major for pre-med. I am very interested in your laboratory assistant position at the UW Health building for research work with mice in the genetics field. I believe I would be a good prospect for this position because I strongly dedicate myself to all I set my mind to, and am always willing to learn and accept constructive criticism. I also have background in general biology, chemistry, and genetics concepts. I am capable of working alongside others or on my own, with the ability to either take instruction or apply leadership skills when necessary. By working in your laboratory, I would be allowed to develop my research abilities and further expand my knowledge of the field in which I am so passionate, while giving forth my best honest effort to the job at hand.


Work Experience

Waitress (05/25/2009 – 08/15/2009)

Working as a waitress at a fancy dining restaurant.

Last Employer: Cafe Renaissance

Contact Person: Jim Rakhshani/(320) 253-9300

Responsibilities: Waiting on tables, serving food to the customers, cleaning dining room, and performing other side jobs, developing people skills while conversing with customers and other employees.

Accomplishments: I found satisfaction in serving other people and making their evening special. I also further developed my communication skills dealing with a more sophisticated class of people who preferred the fancy dining.

Secretary/Receptionist (05/26/2009 – 08/09/2010)

Working as a receptionist and secretary while temping for Samantha McMahon during her maternity leave.

Last Employer: American Payment Center/Security Boxes/Book Returns

Contact Person: Jane Popp/ (320) 253-7898

Responsibilities: Receive and make phone calls, take messages, and orders so as to best help the customer. File documents, make deposits, and use a computer database system for recording all data information. Organized and handled most shipping information of company products being sent out.

Accomplishments: I was able to efficiently and effectively answer phones, record contact information, some work orders, deposits, and shipping information. I was also able to further develop my professional communication skills with both the customers who had differet accents and dialects from all over the United States as well as with the other employees at American.

Waitress/ Bartender (10/01/2007 – 08/01/2008)

Worked to serve customers food and drink.

Last Employer: Albany Bowling Centr

Contact Person: Steve Bates/ (320) 845-4732

Responsibilities: Serve food and drinks to customers. Cleaning the dining room tables and floors, cleaning and stocking the bar area. Cleaning area by bowling lanes. Friendly conversing with customers.

Accomplishments: I believe I learned how to converse with a large range of people of all ages, and learned how to be agreeable and friendly to all. I also learned how to deliver food and drink in an efficient manner and clean up after others appropriately.


Establishment: Albany Area Senior High School

Degree: Graduated

Education Period: 09/02/2004 - 05/19/2008

Speciality: Saludictorian

Average Grade: 3.99 GPA

Details: Graduated 2nd in my class of 160 people.

Establishment: University of Wisconsin- Madison

Degree: Biology Major

Education Period: 09/02/2008 - 05/17/2010

Average Grade: 3.33 GPA

Details: I am currently a student at UW Madison going for my biology major for pre-med. I plan to finish my undergrad May of 2012, and then proceed on to Medical School.


I have a good background in many fields of sciences including general chemistry, general genetics, and many biological sciences.

Computer Skills: I am familiar with Microsoft Work, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Power Point.

Foreign Language Skills: I am able to speak a little spanish, but not fluently.


I am currently involved in the Health Professions Society (HPS), a student organization on campus in which the members attend speaker meetings, and volunteer for community service events. I also am a member of the UW Chapter of Habitat for Humanity, in which our main purpose it to find efficient, affordable housing for those in need. I have spent many hours building and volunteering in other ways like raffle sales and rake-a-thon to raise money for the cause. Besides extracurricular events, I also like to be artistic and paint, draw, and craft in my spare time.