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Kyle McNeil


Address: 44 Andover St.

City: Dartmouth

State: Nova Scotia

Country: Canada

Phone: 405-5806
Cell: 401-3525


My goals are to enhance my professional skills in any way possible, and work around my education.


Work Experience

General Laboror (07/17/2007 – 01/18/2008)

The job was full time and convenient for my schedule.

Last Employer: Brainiac Games Inc.

Contact Person: 281-3230

Responsibilities: Packaging, loading, shipping inventory and inventory count.

Cleaner (09/07/2009 – Present)

Part-time cleaning and maintenance of O'Regan's Toyota dealership is convenient as I can work around my school hours and extra curricular activities.

Last Employer: TLP Commercial Cleaners

Contact Person: 403-3549

Responsibilities: Janitorial duties involve cleaning desks, garbage removal, dry mopping and mopping of floors. The upstair offices require vacuuming, dusting, garbage removal, mopping and stock piling of necessary utilities.

Part Time Coach (11/25/2002 – Present)

I am an amateur boxer and have been for 6 1/2 years and I'm also an avid martial arts practitioner. But I used to coach part time at my own gym, mostly volunteer work before becoming serious into boxing several years ago. I currently still go but I am now a competitor and nothing more.

Last Employer: Twin Cities Boxing Gym

Contact Person: 497-7466

Responsibilities: General coaching duties involved showing newer individuals the ropes so to speak. This involves the basic stretching, warm ups, application of hand wraps and the work out regime.


Establishment: Saint Mary's University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Education Period: 09/09/2009 - 03/06/2010

Average Grade: B-

Details: I'm into my second term of my first year. I have intentions of switching over to B. Comm after this year as I am taking all Commerce courses.


I am a kinesthetic learner, in other words I am hands on. I learn through physical application and I enjoy anything that involves concentration or hard work. I don't know how that transfers into a skill but I figure it's relevant.

Computer Skills: Knowledgeable in excel, access and all Microsoft office programs.

Foreign Language Skills: Speak some french, not much though

Additional Information

Honors: Honors in High School; Grade 11 & 12

Publications: When I was 9 years old I lived in Ontario and got one of my short stories published through Readers Digest, I got two hundred dollars for it.

Certifications or Licensures: I got a certificate in Maritime Roadwise & Defensive (MRD). I took the course before getting my full.


I have been a competitive amateur boxer for 5 1/2 years, I got registered as an amateur competitor back in 03' and I have been training in boxing for 7 1/2 years in total. I got a Bronze & Silver medal at nationals back in 06' and 07'. I got into training very young as my father guided me into it, I have been training since I was around 10.

I also dabbled in other combative sports and other styles for the last couple years, I am physically fit and confident in my abilities. All these things have helped me better develop mentally and physically; it also helped me find my weaknesses and fine tune my strengths. Besides that I have learned a lot and I am hardworking in everything I do.