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Matthew Colomy


Address: 839 Centennial St.

City: Winnipeg

State: Mb

Country: Ireland

Phone: 204-589-2818
Cell: 204-802-2709
Fax: n/a


I seek to obain the opportunity to work for you, the opportunity to work from home, and the opportunity to excel at what I'm good at.  I'm rather internet savvy, developed over years of use and maintenence.  Working from home will provide me with the opportunity to further my experience and still Provide for myself and others.


Work Experience

Trip Arrivals (08/16/2010 – 08/26/2010)

While it was a brief experience, over half of the Transportation vehicles the company used went by my desk every day. For 12 hours a day, paperwork needed to be done and files changed in the system.

Last Employer: TransX

Contact Person: Courtney

Responsibilities: Filing all paperwork for all transports that came through Winnipeg during my shift, including Customs, arrivals, departures, city distribution, etc.

Accomplishments: I found that I'm able to do all of the hard paperwork, but I also found my limit. 12 hour days, and getting up at 4AM, I found is far too much for me.


Establishment: University of Winnipeg

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Speciality: N/A

Average Grade: N/A

Details: I am still continuing Class at the U of W


Can adequately read and write English Exceptional Math Skills

Computer Skills: Fluent in internet workings and search engines. Capable in standard Microsoft products.


I spend alot of time social networking, and playing games online. I like being in the loop, and I regularly wander the internet in search of new and interesting information.