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Matthew Hanchar



I am seeking a Part-Time entry level position in your fast growing company.  I am an individule who can be trusted, be honest and polite with your customers and can work well with others to achieve the outstanding performance which can make your company the best that it can be. 

Work Experience

Lawn Care / Snow Removal (04/03/2010 – Present)

Worked for the neighbors in our subdivision. Cutting their grass and snow removal. I would also house sit and put the garbage out while they where gone as well as picking up the mail and newspapers on a daily basis.

Last Employer: Self Employed

Contact Person: Mark Hanchar 219-476-6757

Responsibilities: Taking care of the neighbors homes while they are away. Cutting the grass in the summer and snow removal in the winter months.

Accomplishments: I was in the High School Marching Band and have volunteered at the township Fire Dept around Christmas time to help out the needy families.


Establishment: Wheeler Highschool

Degree: General Studies

Speciality: Highschool Marching Band

Average Grade: Average C

Details: I was in the Wheeler High School Marching Band


Work well with others. Like to work with my hands. House sitting for neighbors. Grass cutting and Snow removal for neighbors. Baby sitting and working on my truck.

Computer Skills: Basic computer skills with Windows Office.


I love to fish.  My family and I go up to Wisconsin every summer.  I also enjoy hunting, skate boarding, working on my 1977 Ford Pickup Truck.