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Nathon Pruden

143-305 Calahoo RD, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

(H) 780-946-6932, (C) 780-242-2851,


I am looking look finish my apprenticeship in the automotive field. I am a fourth year automotive mechanic that is very hard working and a quick learner. My passion is to restore older vehicles, in which i have built a couple already. I have a vast knowledge in almost every field except alinments, just started getting in to diesels. I am really versitile and will do anything to the best of my abilities.

Work Experience

Apprentice Mechanic (06/01/2009 – 10/05/2010)

Diesel repair and diagnostics. Differential repair and diagnostics. Tune up and engine repair. Exhaust building and installation. Interior and trim work.

Last Employer: Stony Plain Chrysler

Contact Person: Ed Busse 780-915-3788

Responsibilities: Anything and everything that was asked of me.

Accomplishments: Level one Chrysler training completed. Some of the level two Chrysler training as well. Third year apprenticeship training.

Apprentice Mechanic (09/05/2005 – 05/22/2009)

Custom fabrication. Engine rebuilding. Custom vehicle restoration Electronic diagnostics. Front end work. Answering the phones and writing work orders. Customer service.

Last Employer: A-Tech Automotive Repair

Contact Person: Wade Rhine 780-968-8833

Responsibilities: Running the shop. Customer service. Locking up

Accomplishments: First and second year apprenticeship training.

Truck driver and Labourer  (04/04/2005 – 08/26/2005)

Brick laying. Patio building. Building brick retaining walls. Bobcat operating. laying grass. drive way building and asphalt prep.

Last Employer: Clemal Construction

Contact Person: Al Baier 780-963-7317

Responsibilities: Operating equipment and driving truck. Finishing and clean up of jobs

Accomplishments: Air brake certification.


Establishment: Stony Plain Memorial High School

Degree: Grade 12

Education Period: 08/31/2000 - 06/25/2004

Average Grade: 70-80%

Details: Completed 30 level mechanics course.

Establishment: N.A.I.T

Degree: Automotive Technician

Average Grade: 80%

Details: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year courses completed.


I am a very fast learner. I am skilled in the arts of building and customizing hot-rods and muscle cars. I can pretty much drive anything you put me behind.

Computer Skills: My computer skills are about average. I do know how to get around pretty good and my typing is about average.

Foreign Language Skills: I speak English.

Additional Information

Conferences or Courses: 1st, 2ud, and 3rd year Automotive apprenticeship training.

Certifications or Licensures: Air brake certification.


I have two kids that i some times have to work around with work.

I love being outside with people at special events.

My passion is to own my own custom hot-rod shop someday.

I own my own house and i work very had for my kids and my possessions.

I have a very unique sense of artistic abilities including drawing and tattoos.

References available upon request.