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Nicholas Sexton

605 NW Fisk St trailer 54, Pullman, WA, 99163, United States

(H) 1-509-332-6907, (C) 1-509-330-6673,


To become a General Manager in the McDonald's Corporate family. To achieve a goal of 100% QSC&V in the corporate aspect of McDonald's, as well as to incorporate the skills and training i have developed over the 4 years with McDonald's.

Work Experience

Assistant Manager (12/12/2005 – Present)

Have worked for the same company for over 4 years and made it to Assistant Manager in less than 3 years. have helped start 24 hr Drive-Thru operations for the company as well as establish a Double Lane Drive-Thru.

Last Employer: GoldenDreams Management DBA McDonald's

Contact Person: Brad Dodge-Supervisor 1-208-305-8400

Responsibilities: To ensure 100% QSC&V within the restaurants. To ensure all 12 systems are in place and properly working. To ensure that store is running to corporate standards and more.

Accomplishments: Employee of the month within the first month of working for the company. Acheived 100% completion of BSM,ASM, and EMPC classes. Promoted to Assistant Manager in less than 3 years


Establishment: Lewiston Senior High School Lewiston,ID 83501

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 08/25/1997 - 05/26/2000

Speciality: General

Average Grade: 2.80

Details: General Studies


Money Handleing, Scheduleing, Communication, Management, as well as all skills that are incorporated with McDonald's

Computer Skills: ISP Word Excell

Foreign Language Skills: Currently learning spanish


Interests include but not limited to meeting new people, giving 100% to any task assigned to me.  Enjoy learning new things and incorporating them into my every day life.