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Nicole Austin

12720 Crestmoor Circle, Prospect, KY, 40059, United States

(C) (248) 719-2857,


I am looking for a part time job where there is interaction with the public. This position will benefit from my previous experience with being a waitress and hostess. If put in a position to deal with aggravated customers, I will confidently be able to deal with them having been on an emergency services/fire department for three years.

Work Experience

Volunteer Firefighter (04/01/2007 – Present)

Volunteer firefighter for three years. We respond to house fires as well as Emergency Medical calls and accidents on the road and the river.

Last Employer: North Oldham Fire Department

Contact Person: Chief Rick Albers/ (502) 228-1447

Responsibilities: Attend training for three hours every Wednesday night. Pass tests. Respond to as many of the house calls as possible. Deal with frustrated/drunk/in shock/burnt victims. Respond to Emergency Medical calls as well. Put out fires. Clean up accidents.

Accomplishments: Passing the Ready-to-Ride tests (Now certified to enter into house fires and make all fire runs on a fire truck.) Successfully being an Officer on a fire run and a medical run. Putting out house fires.

Money Collector (Crusade) (05/31/2006 – Present)

Working with WHAS Crusade for Children for four years.

Last Employer: North Oldham Fire Department

Contact Person: Chief Rick Albers/ (502) 228-1447

Responsibilities: Going door-to-door in the county's neighborhoods asking if people would like to donate to Crusade for Children. Also worked at the road blocks collecting money. Counting the money and taking it downtown.

Waitress/Hostess (05/20/2007 – 08/08/2007)

Worked as a waitress and hostess at Skyline Chili before I had to go back to school and sports.

Last Employer: Skyline Chili (Dupont)

Contact Person: Kenny Griessel/ (502) 721-0093

Responsibilities: Greeting the customers. Waitress. Cashier. Busing. Cleaning windows, doors, floors, tables, bathrooms, re-stocking supplies, ice and food storage, as well as preparing meals.


Establishment: Sacred Heart Academy. Louisville, KY

Degree: High School Diploma

Education Period: 08/17/2006 - 05/15/2009

Average Grade: 3.56

Details: Went to Novi High School in Michigan for my freshman year, then moved to Kentucky and graduated from Sacred Heart Academy

Establishment: Michigan State University. East Lansing, MI

Education Period: 09/02/2009 - 05/05/2010

Average Grade: 3.0

Details: Went to Michigan State University my freshman year. Now transferring to University of Louisville for their Dental School. (Will be a sophomore in fall 2010).


Works well with people of any age. Knows how to respond in an emergency situation.

Computer Skills: Works well with computers, Mac and PC. Has taken computer classes. Has worked with cash registers before.

Foreign Language Skills: Speaks at beginner levels of Spanish and German.

Additional Information

Participating in Army ROTC at University of Louisville.


In high school I participated in basketball, cheerleading, track and field, swimming, and rowing. I am going to be coaching Sacred Heart Academy's Rowing Team in the Spring of 2011. I was on the Women's Varsity Rowing Team at Michigan State University for a semester. I have worked as a counselor at a children's day camp, and I have also volunteered at the homeless shelters, homes for the disabled and elderly. I have built a house for a family in Belize in the summer of 2008. My senior year of high school I was the president of the Invisible Children Club which dealt with the conflicts of the Northern Uganda War. (We currently had a bill passed into law to stop the twenty-year genocide). I was a part of the Army ROTC at Michigan State and am going to continue my commitment at University of Louisville. I help out with the WHAS Crusade for Children every year and have for the past four years.