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Rebecca Clarke



Working in retail will benefit my computer and people skills well better perparing me with more complex problem sloving skills. I'm seeking a position that will require a variety of tasks and a friendly environment.   


Work Experience

Hardlines, Electronics, and Tills  (07/25/2008 – Present)

Customer Service , Till experience,and tobacco training

Last Employer: Zellers Salmon Arm B.C.

Contact Person: 1- (250)-(832-9371)

Responsibilities: Stocking shelves, Helping customers, Performing basic computer task, Ordering product, Dealing with money, Selling tobacco. Ticketing, Straiting stock on shelves, and signing add for up coming flayers

Accomplishments: I have gotten a few small raises,


Establishment: Sullivan

Degree: Dog Wood

Education Period: 09/08/2007 - 06/25/2009

Average Grade: B

Details: Graduating grade 12


People skills, Dealing with small children, teens, and the elderly, Can lift about 70 pounds, Kind, Polite, Hard working, Trustworthy, Fast learner

Computer Skills: CCNA 1 AND 2 along with ITE 1 and 2, I can also perform everyday computer tasks, fairly fast typer ,

Foreign Language Skills: Can speak very little French and Spanish

Additional Information

Honors: Computer excellence grade 9


I enjoy playing sports like Basketball, and hockey, I play and listen to alot of music as well as spend alot of time with people helping them through their problems.