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Mike The Situation

NONE, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

(H) 613-821-9226, (C) 613-821-6922, (F) NONE


I have an extreme interest in biogenetic engineering. My main goal is to combine both plant and animal DNA to create hybrid organisms that can survive the harsh conditions of the moon, which is where they will be sent. I have sufficient training in the field of biogenetic engineering, having previously been employed at Jurassic Park as a biogenetic engineer in charge of producing varios species of raptor, such as the velociraptor.

Work Experience

Senior Biogenetic Engineer (05/30/2000 – 05/28/2003)

Employed at Jurassic Park for 3 years.

Last Employer: John Hammond


Responsibilities: - Surpervision of all biogenetic engineering. - Specialised in the engineering of the raptor species.

Accomplishments: - Created the perfect predator using dinosaur DNA obtained from a fossolized mosquito combined with the DNA of South-African species of frog.


Establishment: University Of Ottawa, Ontario

Degree: PHD's in Biochemical and Biogenetic engineering

Education Period: 09/05/1996 - 07/29/1999

Speciality: NONE

Average Grade: 84%

Details: - Voted "Most Likely To Work At A Gas Station" (They were wrong)


- Black Belt 100th dan in Karate - Acute sense of taste - Artistic skill (drawing)

Computer Skills: - Secretly designed the Microsoft operating system for Bill Gates, but let him take all the credit becasue i'm such a good guy. - Expert hacker -Approached by the FBI to be lead technical analyst, but denied them due to health reasons.

Foreign Language Skills: NONE

Additional Information

- Puertorican - Left Arm Amputee

Honors: NONE

Research Projects: 1998 Expedition to the Nexus of the Universe.

Publications: Life Without Life: A Startling Look Into The Mind Of The Elderly. 874 pages published in 1997

Conferences or Courses: NONE

Professional Membership: -TD Bank - Laser Quest

Certifications or Licensures: Certicificate of Legitimacy in the field of Biogenetic Engineering

Study Abroad: 1 year in Tokyo


I enjoy surfing very much. Lost my left arm to a shark in 1996. I practice martial arts and have a black belt in Karate. I have 3 dogs and 1 hamster. I am a hard worker, and have very good social skills. I also have experience in public speaking.